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Tenement house on Solec will regain its former appearance

03 of December '21

The devastated tenement house at 46 Solec Street in Warsaw will soon regain its former glory. The investor is the Śródmieście District, and after renovation the tenement will enrich the city's stock of public housing.

Both the visual and technical condition of the building at 46/46a Solec Street is extremely bad today. Gray, dilapidated facades, devastated walls, roof and windows are only part of the problems. Inside, there is a lack of heating, which in turn has translated into fungus in the walls. The apartments do not have their own toilets, and the stairwell has not been repaired in decades.

barrier-free apartments

Kamienica Solec

photo: UM Warsaw

Thanks to the reconstruction planned by the Downtown District, 44 families will find a home here. The apartments will be equipped with central heating systems, kitchen annexes and private bathrooms. Eight commercial units are planned on the first floor, and in the basement there will be storage cells, a bicycle room and a stroller room. The building's courtyard will be renovated. Architectural barriers will disappear - it is planned to install two elevators, eliminate thresholds and steps at entrances. On each floor there will be one unit adapted to the needs of people with mobility disabilities. After the renovation, the building will remain a district resource, which means that as soon as the work is completed, the provision of apartments to families waiting for assistance will begin.

detail returns


Photo: UM Warszawa

The modernization will significantly improve the appearance of this part of Warsaw. In addition to the restoration and technical modernization of the building itself, architectural detail will return to the facades of the building . Characteristic corner turrets will appear on the roof, and windows will gain framing.

two years of work

Kamienica Solec

photo: UM Warszawa

Completion of the modernization of the building at 46/46a Solec Street is scheduled for September 2023. It will be carried out by the "FADBET" SA company. ZGN Śródmieście will be responsible for coordinating the work. The total cost of the investment will be PLN 21 million. The internal area of the building is 2982.96 sqm.The contractor for the architectural conceptual design is JAPO Jan Poborski, based in Ruda Slaska. The construction project was prepared by the EMGIEPROJEKT studio from Kielce.

Klatka schodowa

Photo: Warsaw City Hall

elaborated by: Kacper Kępiński

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