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LANDFORMS, or terrain molding in architecture

05 of June '20

In the next episode of the podcast,Malgorzata Kuciewicz and Simone De Iacobis talk with architecture curator Aleksandra Kedzorek.They expand the traditional definition of architecture, citing its naturally occurring and yet most often overlooked components. They cite, among others, the example of the "Warszawianka" sports complex, the garden at the Hansen house in Shumin, and discuss gravity and terrainplastics, i.e. terrain sculptures harnessing the forces of nature to the design process. Using the example of a single-family house that accumulates heat in the ground by Anna Zawadzka and Jan Dowgiallo of the studio, they also discuss what regenerative architecture is today. In turn, citing the examples of a house in Rybnik by the Jojko Nawrocki studio, a community center by Rafał Mazur, and a Congress Center in Katowice by the Jems studio, they recall topographic Silesian architecture embedded both in the ground and under it.

What is topographic architecture(landforms), hollow spaces(groundscapes), semi-detached houses(earth ships) or spaceship Earth?
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Affirmatively about the future and the power of imagination.
Amplification of nature, or nature-in-architectureand architecture-in-nature.
Planetary imagination - building as part of planetary processes.
Knowledge of what will be, tracing what is not there but might be.
Alterity and designing a better end.

From the podcast series titled: "Amplifying Nature".

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