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We go against the current! Polish designer furniture - simple form created in harmony with nature

01 of December '20

Designer furniture from the collection of the Polish brand TFORY

Last autumn, during the Warsaw home fair, the Polish furniture brand TFORY had its premiere. The idea for its creation was born from the need to create products that, through their functionality and unconventional solutions, which often stand in opposition to prevailing trends, provoke the user to action and creative thinking. TFORY is designer furniture that is simple in form, has multiple uses and thus gives the user the opportunity to use it in his own way.

"Polish design created in harmony with nature".

When creating the next product, the brand's designers first of all try to answer the question of what purpose it is to be created for and how to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible. To this end, they use recyclable materials and FSC wood from certified forests only.


furniture from the TFORY collection

photo: Marta Pawlowska © TFORY

"Trends are not important to us"

The main inspiration of the brand's creators comes from observing people and their daily rituals. The starting point for the creation of products is always an attempt to see a specific need. The resulting designs are already just the answer and solution to the problem, the finding of which is for them the most important stage of creation. Functionality is their true value, while the final form that emerges is only its result.

Wieszak PILO -
Dizajnerskie meble TFORY proste w formie

PILO hanger

photo: Marta Pawlowska © TFORY

In the brand's collection you will find furniture aimed at home and public spaces. An interesting example is the PILO hanger, which combines the features of a coat rack with a traditional clothes hanger. Thanks to the use of a movable element forming the arms, we can hang up a shirt or jacket, thus having a guarantee of its impeccable appearance.



photo: Marta Pawłowska © TFORY

Also worthy of special attention is the FRANKLIN table. The inspiration for the piece of furniture was the commonly present, though often perceived as tactless, habit of putting one's feet on the table. Indeed, in company it can be perceived as rude, but who in their own home comfort doesn't like to stretch their legs out in front of them and relax a bit? The Franklin table gives us such an opportunity by combining the function of a coffee table with a soft, upholstered footstool, which can also serve as a seat without taking up additional space in the living room. Thanks to this, this piece of furniture is perfect for small apartments where we want to save free space. In addition, it has a practical storage compartment inside.


FRANK sofa

photo: Marta Pawlowska © TFORY

Another proposal is the FRANK sofa. Its simple form is highlighted in an interesting way by the use of movable elements of the backrest. Thanks to this, depending on your needs, the furniture can appear in many configurations.

lapma VALO

VALO lamp

photo: Marta Pawłowska © TFORY

An interesting addition to the collection is a modern standing lamp VALO, with the possibility of changing the direction of light. The combination of powder-coated steel with an oak frame means that, despite its seemingly austere, almost loft-like character, it will also find its way perfectly into cozier interiors.

For more information, visit the company's TFORY page on the A&B portal.

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