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TOP 10 lamps for coffee shops

10 of July '22

The culture of sitting in cafes during leisure time, and for business meetings, has become a popular ritual of modern middle-class people. One of the most important aspects influencing the popularity of cafes is the interiors! Unusually decorated places are able to win the hearts of many design lovers. However, the mood is what counts in any cafe - we will get it with lighting from good designers.

Looking at cafes of different specialties (tea shops, pastry shops, ice cream shops, coffe shops and those specialized on one offer), we can distinguish several dominant, interesting styles.

Universal and popular are industrial interiors. Danish design suits such cafes, chairs made of noble bentwood dominate, books are piled up on shelves, and large lamps add warmth and coziness. In such cafes you can also find posters or vintage accessories, the walls are raw, and as many original accessories as possible are left from the original interior (usually in old tenements or ground floors).

Sweet pastry shops, ice cream parlors and boutique chocolate pump rooms are arranged finely, lightly, with a touch of romance and design flair. Here pastel walls and decorations prevail, the furniture resembles desserts and the lamps resemble pralines. Subtle wallpapers appear on the walls.

Particularly delightful, so popular recently, are cafes decorated in the old style. Inspired by the period of classicism, art deco and even art nouveau. There you can find expressive floors in a black and white checkerboard, an oak counter with sweets, or round glass lampshades. All elements of the interior create one harmonious whole.

Analyzing the most interesting cafes that have been pleasing their guests for many years or are just building a circle of their loyal customers, we have selected 10 lamps that are worth knowing when designing the interior of a café.

Lampa Strand Lampa Strand

Strand lamps

© Pufa Design

1 Strand lamp collection - in a modern cocoon

The Strand lamp collection for the forward-looking brand Muuto was designed by Benjamin Hubert. The lamps have a look inspired by lanterns. Here you will find six shapes and sizes from the smallest to the largest model - this gives you the opportunity to create a lighting installation in the central area of a cafe. Also noteworthy is the polymer structure, called cocoon, from which the lampshades are made. It gives Strandom an intriguing structure and lightness.

Lampy Ili Ili Lampy Ili Ili

Ili lamps

© Pufa Design

2. ili Ili - either bold or delicate

Studio Group hails from Croatia, and in addition to designing lamps, they also create concepts for furniture and interiors. The Ili I li collection is undoubtedly the quintessence of holistic interior thinking. Because Ili Ili is about playing with light. The puzzle lamps are made of interconnected steel rings that form different shapes of lampshades. Among the novelties, the colors are particularly noteworthy - they are apt combinations of shades of beige, gray, navy blue and bor-do. Studio Group also offers designers the opportunity to order individual lamp colors from the RAL sampler.

3. Forget Me Not - the nature of Danish design

A minimalist version of lamps made of specially molded oak veneer was designed by the duo Magnus Nero & Ingemar Jönsson. In addition to lampshades, the Umage brand has lamp accessories that help arrange the lamps in an innovative way. The Forget Me Not model with Rosette Mini suspension can be turned into a striking triple chandelier or a cascade of five lamps.

Lampy Modeco Lampy Light Breeze

Modeco and Light Breeze lamps

© Pufa Design

4. Modeco+ - a modernist gem

Nordic Tales is an intimate studio and manufactory that produces mainly lamps. Their stylistic focus is modernism and art deco style. Their fascination with the distinctive forms of these periods gave rise to the Modeco+ collection of pendant and table lamps. The glass lamp was elongated, and its perfect shade was covered with decorative, even grooves. This is a lamp (as well as other Nordic Tales collections) dedicated to cafes over bars and counters.

Clava Wood Clava Wood

Clava Wood lamps

© Pufa Design

5th Clava Wood - a sunny vacation

If the interior needs a sip of exoticism, and the cafe serves coffee from Indonesia, there is also room for lamps made of natural wood. William Ravn & Søren Christensen combined Scandinavian simplicity with natural boho style in the design of the Clava Wood (Umage) lamps. The pendant lamps are dedicated over the table, while the wall lamps spread a soft, warm light. Between the laser-cut lamellas oozes a sunny glow filtered through the wood, giving striking illuminations of light.

6. Arigato - graceful lamps with a Japanese flair

Of the wide range of Arigato models of the Group Studio design, wall lamps and arm ceiling lamps are particularly popular in the interior concepts of cafes. Characteristic, minimalist forms suit industrial, minimalist interiors. They are at the same time elegant, but can blend harmoniously into the space and complement it. Each lamp has several joints, which give the possibility to adjust the light beam (and the form of the lamp itself) in any direction.

7. asteria - colorful freedom

If the interior of the cafe is dominated by color, and over the tables you need lamps that are simple, comfortable, functional, the Asteria collection of pendant lamps (Umage) comes to the rescue. Mini or medium, single or triple? Thanks to the functional design of Søren Raven Christensen, architects and designers can choose from a wide range of models and Asteria's color palette - from pastels to intense hues.

8th Bright Breeze - creamy cappuccino

This is the second lamp proposal from Danish studio Nordic Tales. The character of the Bright Bre eze lamps is bold, unobvious, but also, because of its form, very café-like. Each Bright Breeze lamp is hand blown from glass and consists of two layers. In its expression, it is cozy, gives diffused light, and does not lack a unique approach to design, which sets the lamp apart from others. Bright Breeze with its brass finish is a good choice for café interior designs.

Lampy Chimes Lampy Chimes

Chimes lamps

© Pufa Design

Chimes 9 - elegant simplicity

The most minimalist spotlighting lamp among the models dedicated to cafes has a charm that is further emphasized by natural wood. Asger Risborg Jakobsen designed a single version, a triple version and an elongated Tall model so that the models can be combined with each other in creative sets. Like shades of coffee, Chimes has three - light, dark and black. Umage recommends Chimes for coffee shops giving investors a 10-year warranty on the lamp.

10. ember - vintage trends

The return to the style of the 1970s has passed in design. If we combine it with the innovative trend of cordless lamps we get Ember. The duo mencke&vagnby designed for Spring Copenhagen a classic table lamp in an interesting color scheme. Ember will illuminate tables in the cafe that do not have direct access to a contact. On a single charge, the portable lamp shines for 15 hours.

The selection of cafe lamps is available for purchase at the Pufa Design online store.

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