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Wandering light. On the popularity of wireless lighting

15 of May '22

They are practical, fashionable and convenient, in addition to being very visually interesting. Wireless lamps, popular for some time in children's rooms and home gardens, have now also conquered the investment market.

Lampy Torso Lampy Torso

Torso wireless lamps

© Pufa Design

More and more lighting brands are either introducing "cordless" designs or enriching lamp lines that have been in production for years with such models. Why such an increase in the popularity of unplugged light? Its reasons can probably be seen in the need to maximize the practical qualities of an object, but without losing its aesthetic qualities. The economic necessity to save money, the ecological call to save energy and the environment, a kind of minimalism that dictates not to litter the environment, including the one closest to us, i.e. the home - all this makes multifunctional, mobile, easy-to-use and long-lasting equipment fashionable. Designers welcome the challenge of giving such items a beautiful and modern form. This is how wireless lamps are created, working after charging for up to several dozen hours and turning, if necessary, either into a garden lantern, or a night lamp, or a "helper" on the kitchen counter. They are also increasingly appreciated by investors and architects designing hotels, restaurants or cafes. Together with the Pufa Design store, let's take a look at a few models that have already hit and are perfect for the investment market.

Lampy Asteria

Asteria lamps

© Pufa Design

The power of simplicity, the charm of detail

Asteria Move by Danish brand Umage is one of the record holders when it comes to working time after a single charge - up to 35 hours! The simple yet very elegant form, the original color scheme of the entire Asteria line, as well as practical qualities (three-stage power adjustment, a diffuser made of milky glass that softens the light, easy charging with a USB cable, Unifer induction charger or the original charging station for 7 lamps simultaneously) make these lamps ideal for an elegant restaurant or cafe. They will work great in both modern and classic settings.

Orbit lamp

© Pufa Design

A similar "type of character" is represented by another cordless proposal from Umage - the Orbit lamp. The lampshade in the shape of a flattened sphere framed by a metal ring - the holder was inspired by the movement of the moon around the Earth. This is an elegant and modern design, which will beautifully illuminate the restaurant interior, but - beware - also the cafe garden, because it can be used outdoors. An interesting design that allows you to turn the lamp off and on, as well as change the light intensity, is not only a convenience for the user, but also a lure for those looking for surprising and original solutions in design. Wireless lighting is a fruitful field for designers for all kinds of experiments!

Lampa Orbit Lampa Orbit

Orbit lamps

© Pufa Design

Discreet charm of the switch

Design "without wires" is sometimes modern, but it is also sometimes classic. The Torso lamp from Menu looks like a very conservative table model, with a ceramic body and a linen shade. However, at the top of this shade hides a brass touch switch, which can also be used to adjust the intensity of the light. To make it easier to charge more lamps, the Menu brand has prepared a charging plate for investors that charges 10 lamps simultaneously. Buying a minimalist rack on wheels integrated with the plate, you can charge up to 30 lamps at the same time!

Lampy JWDA

JWDA lamps

© Pufa Design

The JWDA design by the same brand, although strongly modern, even industrial, impresses with its retro copper knob. It is worth mentioning that both models can be charged not only with a USB cable, but also with a special Menu brand charging plate. The latter option is facilitated by magnets mounted in the lamp bases. After that, the Torso and JWDA can wander hotel corridors unhindered, for hours on end, jump from table to table in a café, illuminate a lounge corner in an office building.

Porta lamp

© Pufa Design

Light upside down

Portable lamps, true to their name, must be easy to move from place to place, so lightweight, handy, durable. Such is the Porta by Normann Copenhagen, for example. This lamp will literally fit into any corner (the elongated shade can be "put upright"). Small and lightweight are also proposals from Spring Copenhagen: Snowball, which is a snowball, and really a milk glass shade on a discreet beech wood base; Eclipse, inspired by the arrangement of the Earth, Moon andSun during an eclipse of the former, looking different depending on which angle you look at it; Ember, with its classic shape, in which the light comes out not through the shade, but the base. Wireless lamps are a wise and practical investment, and an attractive complement to any design. No wonder they are conquering the market - and the hearts of investors.

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