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What windows and doors are trending in 2020?

05 of May '20

Window and doortrends 2020

We can admire the awakening spring in recent weeks mainly through the windows of our houses and apartments. Glazing, both in windows and in doors leading to a balcony or terrace, not only allows us to admire what's outside, but also brings natural light into the interiors and optically enlarges the space. What window and door solutions are fashionable this year?

Between the interior and the terrace

In single-family homes, the terrace is often an extension of the living room. Maximizing the living-terracearea is made possible by large, glazed sliding terrace doors, which are not only convenient for daily use, but also save space and keep the heat in the house. Such are the SLIDE terrace doors from Oknoplast, which perfectly combine the interior with the exterior.

przesuwne drzwi tarasowe SLIDE Oknoplast


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minimalist design

Minimalist design and maximum glass area are constant elements of modern blocks. Such solutions do not at all mean less thermal or acoustic insulation. KER3MR's narrow-profile system allows not only individual adjustment of the project to the investor's requirements and greater freedom of architects at the design stage, but also reduces operating costs.

o minimalistycznym designie i maksymalnych powierzchniach


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large glazing

Large-size windows, preferably in narrow aluminum frames, add a modern flair to buildings. They not only guarantee more light inside, but also blur the boundaries between what's inside and what's outside. In fashionable windows, the most important thing is the glass - there is no room for wide window frames or visible hinges. According to specialists from OknoPlus, the real hit this season are large sliding windows.

duże przeszklenia


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closer to nature

Among the fashionable solutions in modern interiors is a return to nature. The motif of wood is also present in window and door joinery. Such a solution combined with functional, glazed sliding doors creates an extremely stylish interior. An excellent idea is also the use of invisible door guides available in POL-SKONE's MOVI system.

Drzwi tarasowe —
system drzwi przesuwnych ; © POL-SKONE


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proper access to light

If you want to get the right level of sunlight in the interiors, it is worth using facade blinds. Currently fashionable large glazings create a connection between the house and the outside world, but without proper sun protection they will not provide ideal comfort in your home. We recommend mSun+ façade blinds from MS więcej niż OKNA, which allow precise control over the access of light, taking care of comfort and climate in the room - pleasant coolness during summer heat and cozy warmth in winter.

żaluzje fasadowe

© MS more than OKNA

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intelligent protection from the sun

Modern technologies are also being introduced into sun protection systems. Intelligent control allows you to manage mSun+ facade blind s from anywhere in the world and at any time. What's more, the aluminum blinds from MS More Than Windows are not only weatherproof, but also, as the manufacturer assures, 100 percent recyclable.

Żaluzje fasadowe mSun+

© MS more than OKNA

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energy-saving solutions

An excellent solution for energy-efficient buildings are custom-designed external window covers. Thanks to the possibility of setting the slats at any angle, we can ensure adequate lighting inside at any time of the day. They can be positioned in such a way as to let light into the interior, while protecting the interior of the room from heating. Blinds of very good quality can be found at Tomasz Jasienski. It also offers a variety of control systems for the shades.

przeciwsłoneczne – żaluzje, markizy, pergole


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