Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Academy of Krakow

Since the establishment of the Department, the specificity of education in the Architecture Department has been the teaching of architectural design in the form of master studios, taught by architects-practitioners with extensive professional and scientific achievements. The essence of this teaching concept is the creation of close, personalized ties in the relationship between teacher and student, which is expected to foster the development of the student's personality and creative individuality and emphasize the authorial nature of teaching. After an introductory design course in the first semester of the first year, students choose their instructors. The groups formed in this way - "master studios" - go through the entire cycle of design teaching in the first year studies together, up to the engineering thesis. Thus, design - architectural composition - carried out within the framework of master studios becomes a kind of axis of the student's development, around which the other elements of the future architect's education are organized.

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