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Controlled ventilation with heat recovery. Standard in new buildings

22 of October '20

Energy prices are constantly rising. That is why today more and more people are interested in controlled ventilation with heat recovery. These systems prevent valuable heat from escaping through the window when ventilating. In this way, you can save a lot of money every year.

STIEBEL ELTRON system air handling units

Controlled ventilation systems with heat recovery are nothing new on the Polish market. Today they are a common part of new buildings. The first system air handling units of the LWZ series were introduced by manufacturer STIEBEL ELTRON in 1999, more than 20 years ago.

They were systemic because they also included an air/water heat pump that works with the air handling unit. The heat pump heats the house and uses it to prepare hot water. In addition to these units - LWZ 5 CS Premium and LWZ 8 CS Premium - central ventilation can be realized with LWZ 170 Plus, LWZ, 180, LWZ 370 Plus and VRC-W 400 air handling units with cross-flow counterflow heat exchanger for heat recovery and air filters. For the full functionality of the central ventilation concept, it is necessary to install a system of ventilation ducts in the building to transport air to different parts of the house.

An alternative way to provide controlled ventilation with heat recovery is to install decentralized air handling units VLR 70. The concept of decentralized ventilation is to install one or more small air handling units in the living quarters through an exterior wall, so unlike central ventilation, there is no need to distribute air through ducts. This is a major advantage when installing controlled ventilation in the reconstruction of residential and other buildings, as there is no need for major interventions in the building.

How does controlled ventilation and heat recovery work?

Already during construction, air distributions will be set up in the house and brought to the technical room or other part of the house where the air handling unit will be installed.

In terms of controlled ventilation and heat recovery, the house is divided into two parts - areas where we need conditioned fresh air (rooms and bedrooms) and areas with increased moisture and odors (kitchens, bathrooms and toilets).

Air is removed from the rooms with contaminated air, and in the air handling unit, this warm and degraded air transfers its heat to fresh cold air in a cross-flow counterflow heat exchanger, which has been drawn in from the environment and cleaned by an effective dust and particulate filter.

The heated, fresh and filtered air flows into rooms and bedrooms. Corridors and stairways are ventilated with air passing from the living areas to the areas with air extraction. Moist, degraded air is removed from bathrooms and toilets; by creating a negative pressure in the room, it is also prevented from spreading deep into the house.

The LWZ 5 CS Premium and LWZ 8 CS Premium have built-in air handling units and an air/water heat pump. They also contain a built-in electric heater, which provides an additional source of heat in case of greater frost. The air / water heat pump is reversible, so it can not only heat the house and prepare hot water, but also cool the house in summer. The device supports the use of renewable energy sources (RES), among other things, it can integrate solar systems such as solar panels or photovoltaic panels.

In the future, we can no longer do without controlled ventilation

Legislation on new buildings is constantly being tightened. As of this year, it is mandatory to build buildings with almost zero energy consumption.

Standard calculations of building heat loss take into account the loss of heat transfer through structures and the loss of ventilation due to hygienic air exchange through natural ventilation through windows. This should always be taken into account, regardless of the degree of insulation of the building. The heat loss through natural ventilation for an ordinary single-family house is about 2.5 kW. It is this loss that can be reduced by up to 90% through controlled ventilation with heat recovery.

Air handling units, especially LWZ 5 CS Premium and LWZ 8 CS Premium, the highest requirements, plus you can enjoy the comfort of your home. On average, people spend more than 80% of their lives in buildings. By implementing controlled ventilation in your home, you will improve the quality of the air you breathe, and thus your health. With an experienced designer, you will also receive attractive funding from the CLEAN AIR program.

Kontrolowana wentylacja z odzyskiem ciepła

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