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How to renovate a bathroom more easily?

27 of October '19

Studies show that the average Polish bathroom is small (up to 10 sq m) and we renovate it once in a dozen or even several decades. No wonder - the thought of forging tiles or replacing fixtures can cool the enthusiasm for home revolutions. However, all you need to do is to choose the right materials, and a bathroom renovation will not mean turning the household order upside down. Here are some practical and functional patents that will make it a well-organized space.

New wall without cumbersome renovation

It used to be that bathrooms from floor to ceiling were lined with ceramic tiles. Today this is increasingly changing - we can use paint, wood or even wallpaper in this room. They just need to be made of the right material or specially impregnated. This opens up completely new design possibilities!

system ścienny Kerradeco (Wood Carbon)

Kerradeco wall system (Wood Carbon)


An interesting solution for new and renovated bathrooms is the Kerradeco wall system by VOX. It can be successfully used where wallpaper, MDF or ceramic tiles. Kerradeco combines the best features of each of these coverings, but places much lower installation requirements. The panels can be glued even to walls that are already tiled. The proposal from VOX is a clever way to have a stress-free renovation. The panels are made of durable and waterproof plastic, so we can easily use them in the shower, by the bathtub and around the sink. All you need to do is seal them with silicone to prevent water from seeping into the gaps. Among the 20 patterns we can find perfect reproduction of the texture of wood or stones. The Grey Stone pattern imitates stone surfaces very well, while Wood Carbon allows you to introduce an unusual texture of dark-colored wood into your bathroom.

An alternative to tiles

Modern materials also work well on floors. No more dominance of tiles in the bathroom! After all, the palette of possibilities does not end there. In recent years, vinyl floors have become increasingly popular. Modern floors made of high-quality materials will look like new for years, and on top of that they require little attention and maintenance. They are especially recommended for floors with underfloor heating - the excellent thermal conductivity of vinyl floors guarantees that a pleasant temperature will prevail underfoot. As with wall panels, vinyl floors come in many color variations. For example, the Viterra collection from the VOX brand includes as many as 16 designs, including those with wood or concrete grain.

Piotr Szczęśniak,
ekspert techniczny VOX

Piotr Szczęśniak, VOX technical expert


We can install vinyl floors in almost the entire bathroom, except for the floor in the shower, because their anti-slip class does not allow it. To ensure the durability of the floor, vinyl panels in the bathroom are glued to the floor, rather than laid on underlay. This ensures that the floor will maintain its parameters for a long time. We do not have to worry about flooding or the influence of water - the material from which Viterra is made is waterproof. Just remember that to clean vinyl floors you need to use special, dedicated agents, not strong bathroom chemicals," says Piotr Szczęśniak, technical expert at VOX .

drzwi Smart

Smart doors


Use the potential of bathroom doors

When renovating a small bathroom, we wonder what solutions to use to keep things tidy. When we don't have space for additional shelves or a cabinet for bathroom accessories, Smart doors from VOX will come to the rescue. They have a system of screws and couplers on which we can mount dedicated accessories.

We can use different sized metal boxes or felt organizers to help organize cosmetics. No more searching for a place for extra rolls of toilet paper. Hooks or rails will come in handy for hanging towels or a bathrobe. We can also mount a mirror on the door, which is not only useful, but will also optically enlarge the bathroom. In total, we have 12 useful accessories at our disposal. The door comes in eight color versions, so we can successfully match it to any bathroom.

is an interior design brand with a unique and complementary portfolio of products and services for furnishing apartments and houses. At VOX, we believe that true freedom begins at home, and how we live has a huge impact on our lives. That's why our products are created in response to real human needs, based on the methodology of design thinking. Multidisciplinary teams work on them, which, in addition to designers, include psychologists, ethnographers or sociologists; and our goal is to constantly develop and provide complex interior solutions. This results in stylistically matched collections of furniture, floors, doors, accessories and wall and facade systems.

VOX is also a network of interior design showrooms throughout Poland and an online sales platform We also provide true freedom of creation to consumers in more than 50 countries on all continents, from the United States to Russia to Australia and Taiwan.

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