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Wallpaper in the bathroom? Is it even possible?

04 of August '20

Is wallpaper suitable for use in the bathroom? If so, what kind of wallpaper should you choose and in what places can it be used? Muraspec, a renowned British manufacturer of object wallpaper, will answer these and other questions.

Is wallpaper suitable for the bathroom?

Yes, provided that it is a vinyl wallpaper, which is waterproof and suitable for use in rooms with high humidity. Vinyl is a 100% water-resistant material, so there is no worry that the wallpaper will get damp or wet.

Despite this property, we do not recommend using vinyl wallpaper in the immediate vicinity of water, or in water-laden situations (such as shower stalls). In any other place in the bathroom, including in the vicinity of a sink or bathtub, where contact with water is sporadic, the wallpapers will work perfectly," says Barbara Łukasiak, sales director of Muraspec Polska.

Why are vinyl wallpapers a good choice for bathrooms?

The top layer of Muraspec vinyl wallpapers is compressed vinyl, which is resistant to abrasion and scratches. The underside of the wallpaper is usually made of cotton or polyester mesh, which are also durable materials. An important advantage of Muraspec object wallpapers is also the ease of cleaning and care - they can be washed and even, if necessary, scrubbed. It is important to remove any dirt on a regular basis.

Does the aesthetics of wallpaper fit in the bathroom?

Muraspec wallpapers give great freedom when it comes to interior design. There are modern, geometric, abstract, floral and botanical designs. The method of digital printing (Wallmotion collection) allows Muraspec to prepare wallpapers that are deceptively reminiscent of elaborate ceramic mosaics, concrete, wood, rusty sheet metal and other materials. In addition to the patterns available in the offer, wallpapers made according to individual designs are available to interior designers and customers. Thanks to them, each bathroom - the one in a hotel or at home - can be one-of-a-kind, unique. See in the gallery some beautiful examples of bathrooms with Muraspec wallpapers.

For more information, visit the company's Muraspec Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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