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Muraspec painterly wallpaper design by Ted Baker London

01 of April '21

Muraspec's three new lines of wallpapers designed by Ted Baker London, a well-known British clothing designer, are all about pattern finesse, color energy, imagination-stirring depth and intriguing perspective. Plus, of course, the highest quality, for which Muraspec - a renowned manufacturer of object wallpapers - is known and respected on the market.

Ted Baker is a designer who likes to fuse traditional and contemporary styles, is keen on patterns and colors, while invariably staying within an aesthetic of sublime elegance. The new range of luxury wallcoverings designed by Ted Baker for the British brand Muraspec concentrates all the good qualities of his style like a lens. And it reinvents the beauty of nature in the context of wall decoration.

VANILLA wallpaper looks like a delicate watercolor on the wall. Depending on the color version, the blurred lilac blossoms seem to be illuminated by the sun or bathed in rain, frozen in the frame in early spring or captured in late autumn. The wallpaper is recommended to all romantic souls.

Wallpaper from the Vanilia line, design: Ted Baker London

photo: © Muraspec

In the HIBISCUS wallpaper delights virtually everything: colors, design, and above all depth, which resounds most beautifully on a large plane. Hand-painted decorations refer to motifs of tropical nature and atmospheric jungle scenery, which in darker color versions is enriched with a pinch of mystery.

Wallpaper from the Hibiscus line, proj.: Ted Baker London

photo: © Muraspec

HORIZON wallpaper is delicacy in its pure form. Hand-painted feathery plants bring movement and dynamics to the interior. This is a wallpaper that vibrates with good energy!

Wallpaper from the Horizon line, design: Ted Baker London

photo: © Muraspec

The new wallpapers are now available. You can delight, match the designs here

For more information, visit Muraspec 's A&B website.

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