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Intimate apartment building Wave House in Wladyslawow designed by Archmondo

28 of June '21
Technical data
Name: Wave House
Investor: Kristensen
Location: Poland, Wladyslawowo
Studio: Archmondo
Architect: Piotr Kowalczyk
Author cooperation: Anna Pachałko, Dominika Jędrusiak, Alicja Skierka
Photos: Karolina Chęcińska
Building area: 296,70 m²
Cubic capacity: 4569 m³
Number of units: 13
Number of floors above ground: 5
Number of underground floors: 1


  • project
  • implementation


Wave House is another project by Piotr Kowalczyk of Archmondo located by the sea. This time the architect designed an intimate multi-family building located in Władysławowo. The mass enclosed in openwork frames of balconies is located less than 50 meters from the beach and the border of the Seaside Landscape Park.

Wave House

Wave House is located 50 meters from the coastline and the border of the Seaside Landscape Park

Photo: Karolina Chęcińska © Archmondo

The location guarantees residents a perfect rest among greenery and the sound of waves. We wanted the architecture of this building to be equally unique," says Piotr Kowalczyk.

Built on a steep plot,Wave House is inscribed into its slope in which it hides an underground garage. Thanks to this treatment, it also provides an exit directly from the lowest floor towards the beach and to the recreational area arranged in the pine forest behind the building. The entire block is enclosed in openwork frames crowning the balconies, which give the building a semi-open character. Designed all-glass balustrades make the boundary with the outside blurred, and the eye stops only at the wooden openwork walls that break the rhythm of the building.

Wave House plan
zagospodarowania terenu Wave House elewacja

The whole block is enclosed in openwork frames crowning the balconies

Photo: Karolina Chęcińska © Archmondo

Dobrawa Bies: Wave House is located in Władysławowo, very close to the beach. What was your priority in this project?

Piotr Kowalczyk: As always and invariably - simple and pure form - less is more. Interacting and using what the environment gives us, and in this case nature set the bar very high. We wanted the building to interact with the neighborhood - hence the expansive balconies and roof terraces, which offer a beautiful view. Of course, there was no question of not having a direct exit towards the sea, that didn't need to be said out loud, because everyone in the team knew it. As for the architecture itself, details were very important, to which we really paid great attention, detailing the smallest details. It seems to me that without them this building could have looked completely different, and we wouldn't be talking now.

Ażurowe balkony Wave

The exterior walls are mostly windows leading to private balconies

Photo: Karolina Chęcińska © Archmondo

Dobrawa: What did the investor expect?

Piotr Kowalczyk: The investor was well aware of the prestigious location of the plot and wanted the architecture of the building to be equally unique. He put a lot of pressure on emphasizing the qualities of the surroundings - the proximity of the sea, the Seaside Landscape Park. He was keen to preserve the seaside accent, and the building itself was to give the impression of being cozy - one that would encourage people to enter. As for the materials, he had full confidence in us - it was to be with a twist, we could go a little crazy. In return, he expected "that something". Did we achieve the desired effect? We are satisfied, the investor too, but here we are waiting for feedback from his audience and future users.

Prywatny balon Wave

All-glass balustrades blur the boundaries between interior and exterior, and openwork walls add privacy

Photo: Karolina Chęcińska © Archmondo

Dobrawa: Please tell us about the design work and the structural solutions used.

Piotr Kowalczyk: Technically, the project was very difficult - a slope, wetlands, a very narrow plot, lack of space for rainwater drainage, difficult fire protection conditions and many, many others. Every step we encountered hindrances and complications, not to hide, it was uphill. Despite the carefully designed project, we worked all the time with a fantastic construction manager who watched over everything. Of the more interesting solutions - the walls of the garage and the foundations were made with waterproof concrete technology, the so-called white tub. In the garage we designed two-story parking platforms for cars.

Wave House to
kameralny budynek wielorodzinny

The last floor is a two-story apartment with access to the roof terrace

Photo: Karolina Chęcińska © Archmondo

Dobrawa: How do you design a multifamily building wisely so that its residents have a sense of space and privacy?

Piotr Kowalczyk: In the case of Wave House, the key to success was large glazing. When it comes to exterior walls, there are not many "walls per se" - most are simply windows leading to private balconies, which are an extension of the living room, adding extra space to the apartments. Ideal, for example, for drinking morning coffee. In addition, we used openwork walls on the balconies, which add a sense of privacy for the building's residents and a unique character to the architecture itself. The roof terraces designed for the three two-story apartments on the top floor are perhaps the quintessence of space and privacy, and with what a view!

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview!

Dobrawa Bies

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