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You've come to the right place. Welcome to VOX showrooms

28 of April '22

Decorating a home is about fulfilling the dream of having your own place on earth. Designing a bedroom or choosing a decorative wall or the most comfortable sofa can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction. However, there are times when, with deadlines chasing us and a flurry of information, these positive emotions evaporate. At VOX stores, we will turn the overwhelming feelings associated with renovation into pleasure - thanks to the support of advisors, a library of materials and an atmosphere full of inspiration.

VOX is a Polish interior design brand that has been present on the market for more than 30 years. The network of interior design showrooms covers cities throughout Poland. VOX's main goal is to support customers in creating individual spaces. That's why the brand's wide range of products includes original products designed by Polish designers. These include not only furniture, but also a variety of wall solutions, complete flooring systems, and interior and exterior doors. All this to enable each customer to furnish the interior of their dreams.

The VOX brand thinks about interiors comprehensively, so it offers a whole range of perfectly matched products. This allows us to complete the full furn ishing of our space - from floors and moldings, through doors, to furniture and wall systems. This will allow us to create a cohesive interior and save precious time.

To enhance the shopping experience and present the widest possible selection, VOX showrooms are divided by product categories. So, in a situation where we are on the lookout for doors for a new apartment or are just thinking about replacing the floor, we can go to a VOX door and flooring showroom dedicated to these products. If we are thinking of refreshing our interiors with new furniture or are at the final stage of furnishing our apartment, VOX furniture showrooms are full of ideas and ready-made interior design inspirations. And when we are planning a major renovation or equipping the entire apartment and want to take care of its coherent appearance, it is worth going to the interior showrooms, where we will find a full range of furniture, doors, floors, wall systems and decorative items. A map of the showrooms along with a breakdown of each category is available at

VOX showroom in Janki


Everything thought out

From the moment we enter the VOX showroom, we feel a friendly atmosphere - we are surrounded by thoughtful product displays. Among them are advisor stands, where you can comfortably sit down and talk about your dream interior. This will help us make well-considered decisions, and the chosen products will stay with us for years. The VOX showroom is also full of inspiration. Refined interior designs work on the imagination, so that we gain further ideas.

For many visitors, a visit to the showroom can last for hours. This has also been thought of. In between choosing wall panels and a new sofa, we can go to the relaxation area and there collect our thoughts or relax with a cup of coffee. There will also be a play area for the children accompanying us.

Interior design can be easier

A visit to a VOX showroom is not just a walk among the products. In selected showrooms, together with an advisor, we can easily design a space tailored to our needs and see a visualization of the whole thing using virtual reality (VR) glasses. We can also do the interior design at home - VOXBOX is also available online (without the need to install software). We will check whether the oak doors we like so much will actually look good in our bedroom, as well as whether the selected furniture will fit in the room. The price of all the products will also be calculated on an ongoing basis, so that we don't exceed our budget. If we want advice, we can go to the VOX showroom with the finished project or contact an advisor via

If we don't feel up to doing the interior design ourselves in the VOXBOX program, the advisor will help us prepare it based on our tastes, needs and inspirations. At the same time, he or she will advise alternative solutions that can work in a given space.

VOX showroom in Janki


In good hands

Decorating an apartment or house resembles a jigsaw puzzle. We will be satisfied with the result if each element of it fits perfectly with the rest. Doubts that often arise during this process will be dispelled by VOX advisors. We can count on their advice on both technical and aesthetic issues. They will help select colors that properly blend with each other, as well as calculate how many packages of panels we need for our room.

We are committed to making each customer feel fully taken care of. The furnishing of a house or apartment is quite a challenge, of which we are aware. That is why we approach each vision individually. First we listen carefully, and then we look for solutions to help bring our customers' ideas to life," says Paweł Gaj, Trade Marketing Director at VOX.

Library of materials

Touching a cashmere-blend blanket, looking at two intense colors, comparing the shape of vases - our senses play a huge role in choosing products. In the VOX showroom, a wide range of materials awaits us, where we can check the colors, textures or appearance of fabrics, but also match them with the rest of the interior elements. We're talking about the material library, which complements the VOXBOX digital planning tool. It will help determine the color palette and textures for our home. If we have chosen a product based on a photo from a catalog or website, in a VOX showroom we will tangibly see if it fits our space.

VOX showroom in Glogow


We will leave any VOX showroom accompanied by confidence in the choices we have made. Without doubt, discouragement and nervousness, which will be replaced by layers of energy to carry out the renovation and arrangement of our apartment or house. And the pleasure stays with VOX. On top of that, in many countries. VOX is a network of interior design showrooms throughout Poland, but also abroad, such as in many European countries as well as outside: in Mexico, India or Morocco.

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the A&B portal.

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