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What should you follow when choosing flooring for your home?

06 of April '22

Flooring - a solid foundation of any interior

The perfect floor is ready for any challenge. Minor accidents, crazy ideas of children or pets living with us - all of these are sometimes part of home life. That's why we require our flooring to be resistant to various damages and scratches, and on top of that it looks great and complements the character of our interiors. Thanks to their properties, the floors from the VOX brand offer. respond to the needs - ours and our everyday life.

Marka VOX oferuje panele dostosowane do wymagań i charakteru każdego wnętrza

VOX brand offers panels adapted to the requirements and character of any interior


Solidity in the first place

The floor is one of the most exploited elements in our interiors. It constantly faces factors that reflect on its condition and appearance. Although we don't think about it on a daily basis, every step we take - no matter if it's with our bare feet or with a shoe with a hard sole or high heel - can affect its condition. The same is true of everyday activities, such as moving furniture or cleaning. A vacuum cleaner or a detergent-soaked mop are meant to keep our floors clean, but they can also cause scratches or other mechanical damage.

In a home where there is always something going on, you need proven, solid solutions. That's why such an important feature for floors is durability. This is known to VOX, which offers floors with high resistance to external factors - wooden: solid and three-layer (Skandinavien) and resistant floor panels (Querra). Each structure has been developed so that the floors we choose will accompany us for many years. And we won't think about a sudden renovation in the fervor of everyday life.

Jako jeden z najbardziej eksploatowanych elementów w domu podłoga musi być odporna i przyjazna w użytkowaniu

As one of the most exploited elements in the home, the floor needs to be resilient and user-friendly


Something spilled? It's not a problem

It only takes a moment of inattention for tiny drops or puddles of water to appear on our floor. Frequent contact with moisture, especially in rooms with fixtures, makes it worth betting on solutions for special tasks in them. Querra WR is up to 6 collections of floor panels with increased water resistance. The WR(water resistance) technology used in them prevents standing liquids from penetrating between the panels for up to 24 hours. Thanks to this, juice spilled during play or water around our pet's bowl will no longer be a problem. The waterproof panels will pass the test even in such demanding rooms as the kitchen or bathroom (excluding the shower and sauna area).

Technologia water resistance zapewnia odporność na płyny do 24h

Water Resistance technology provides resistance to liquids for up to 24 hours


But Querra WR panels offer much more. They are four-layer, which further protects the floor from abrasion, microscratching and chemicals. In this way, they maintain their structure for many years. In addition, they combine technical and aesthetic qualities, as they replicate the color and structure of wood, so they also show high resistance to external factors other than water.

Durable by nature

In interiors it is the atmosphere that counts - unique, emphasizing our tastes, conducive to both the turmoil of everyday life and relaxation at the end of the day. Natural materials play a big role in creating it. They can have a soothing effect on the senses or simply suit our tastes perfectly. Skandinavien solid wood floors with a unique grain pattern created by nature are an excellent solution for those who value the participation of nature in the process of interior design. They are made of native wood species - oak and ash, known for their durability and resistance to mechanical damage.

VOX offers Skandinavien floors in two types of solid plank available in lacquered, soft-gloss or oiled variants, and in six variants of three-layer plank, which allows the use of underfloor heating. Solid wood floors will last for many years.

Naturalne materiały wprowadzają do wnętrza niepowtarzalny klimat i poczucie ciepła

Natural materials bring a unique atmosphere and a sense of warmth to the interior


Do it yourself

Practical solutions that provide a great effect also include floors by the Vilo brand of the VOX Capital Group. Their installation does not require specialized skills and does not take much time, so it can be done by yourself or with the help of another person. This allows us not only to carry out the renovation at a convenient time, but also to feel satisfaction from the changes made with our own hands. Vilo floor panels are inspired by oak wood, the aesthetics of which will take care of the climate of our interior - warmer or cooler depending on the shade we choose.

Vilo offers Rigid vinyl floors with a rigid core, which gives them exceptional durability. Thanks to the ceramic UV-cured matte coating, it is additionally resistant to scratches, scrapes and stains. This design ensures that they are completely waterproof, so they will perform well in demanding conditions in the kitchen or bathroom.

Panele podłogowe Vilo cechuje łatwość montażu, którego możemy dokonać samodzielnie

Vilo floor panels are characterized by ease of installation, which we can do ourselves


A new floor can completely transform a house or apartment, so its choice is worth thinking carefully. In the offer of VOX and Vilo brands we can find a wide range of designs and colors, corresponding to different visions of our interiors. In the case of VOX products, we can check how the model and shade we choose will look in a given room. The interior design program VOXBOX is a useful tool with the help of which we will match the floor to our spaces. In addition, the program will calculate for us how many packages of laminate we should buy to cover a specific area. This is a great convenience both in planning the renovation and our budget.

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the A&B portal.

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