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Will Krakow finally have a parliamentary lobbyist?

16 of November '23

The consequence of the parliamentary elections held a month ago is not only a slow process of changing power, but also a new hand of opportunity for local governments, especially those that want to aim higher. Will the announced parliamentary team for Krakow help strengthen this process?

new parliamentary hand

The effects of the parliamentary elections are slowly beginning to create a new reality, which for now is based on the election of a new Speaker of the Sejm and the composition of the National Judicial Council. The slow process of changing power is also creating a place projecting the development of Polish local governments. This raises the question of the following development of Krakow.

As MPs Aleksander Miszalski (KO) and Rafal Komarewicz (TD) announced in their social media, two parliamentary teams will be formed - for Krakow and for Małopolska. The teams will, for the moment, be powered by parliamentarians from the Civic Coalition, the Third Way and the Left, and it is unclear whether they will be joined by MPs from Law and Justice and the Confederation.

important and more important matters

In mid-July this year. The Polish Senate passed the Metropolitan Act, which Senator Bogdan Klich lobbied for in particular. Its purpose would be to transform the Krakow Metropolis association into a metropolitan association, similar to the GZM - the Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metrop olis(See- What next for the Krakow Metropolis)

The purpose of creating the metropolitan union was to raise funds for agglomeration projects for Krakow and fourteen neighboring municipalities. Aspects raised in the establishment of the Krakow Metropolis association will probably be the same as those dealt with by the commission. There will be topics on environmental protection, mobility or social services and education.

Around the establishment of the teams, the topic of the creation of a subway system in Krakow, which, above all, cannot be built without external financial support, is again returning to public discourse. Similarly, there are issues of tourism development along with mitigating its negative aspects when it affects the real estate rental market. We will find out what the parliamentarians will want to work on after the first sessions of the appointed teams.

pre-election crucible

Although the parliamentary post-election dust is settling, another pre-election crucible is already on the horizon. Local elections are likely to be held in April 2024. The parliamentary team for Krakow may serve as a prelude for mayoral candidates, as well as possibly building support for party election committees. The question of what cooperation between the Cracow local government and parliament will look like is an open question. What is clear, however, is that without this cooperation, Krakow's metropolitan aspirations may be cut short.

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