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Why specifically Hoxter?

25 of July '23

In its 14 years of existence, Hoxter has managed to establish a strong position among manufacturers of premium fireplace inserts. What are the foundations of the company's success and what is the brand philosophy? What is the basis for the success of Hoxter's products and company?

From the beginning of its history, Hoxter has emphasized quality without compromise. Hoxter products are solidly built and refined to the smallest detail. The guillotine mechanism, door mounting, and air control are carefully thought out and designed for long-term use and intensive heating. In addition, the products are constantly improved and innovated, based on the suggestions of stove makers.

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Selection of the best materials

In addition to precise design, the right selection of materials and components from reliable suppliers is essential for the long-term, trouble-free functionality of the products. Hoxter uses 4 mm thick boiler steel with higher thermal resistance for its fireplace inserts. The door frame, which is significantly exposed to high temperatures, is manufactured by rolling in Austria. The structure is coated with highly resistant Senotherm paint, which cures at room temperature without giving off an unpleasant odor. The chamotte lining, which is available in light or black colored 40 mm thick, is baked for 75 hours at temperatures up to 1150°C, and the self-lubricating bearings of the guillotine system are resistant to temperatures up to 385°C.

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Thorough quality control

The entire manufacturing and assembly process is interwoven with multi-step quality control, both in materials and use. The first step is an input check before the individual components are sorted, followed by a process check during assembly to ensure that all parts are in working order, and an output check before final packaging. Each cartridge is thus inspected in several steps by staff, before being shipped to the recipient.

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Warranty and service

Due to the emphasis placed on the quality of components and workmanship, Hoxter can provide an adequate warranty for its products, namely 2 years for the glass, chamotte lining and all mechanical components. The body is covered by a 5-year warranty. It should also be mentioned that, if necessary, an experienced service technician directly from Hoxter is available, who knows each product down to the smallest detail and will carry out expert warranty and post-warranty service anywhere in Poland.

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