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Skyscraper at Powązki. Lex developer in Warsaw

25 of October '23

A 96-meter-high residential skyscraper, instead of a 120-meter-high office building. Between „Radosław” Roundabout and Powązki Cemetery, Atelier Tektura is designing a building for Green Property Group, the construction of which depends on the Warsaw Council. This is not the last skyscraper that may be built in this area.

The skyscraper project is located on a plot of land at 4 Burakowska Street, right next to the recently demolished Pogłos club and the site of Poland's most famous building malfeasance —the Czarny Kot Hotel. It will also be adjacent to the winner of the Warsaw Mayor's Award, the Forest office building. The building, which is popular mainly because of its public green roof with a panoramic view of the city, may lose some of its attractiveness, as the panorama will be at least partially covered by the planned block.

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Wizualizacja - panorama Warszawy

visualization —panorama of Warsaw

© Atelier Tektura / UM Warszawa

Earlier, the same developer planned to build the Liberty office building at the site, which was designed by JSK Architekci architectural firm . Construction of the 33-story tower was to be completed in 2020, and even a building permit was obtained. However, plans switched —the developer in mid-2022 began a public dialogue process to determine, in part, the shape of the project. A team from JAZ+ Architects and Think Tank City is responsible for the process.

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Aksonometria projektowanego budynku

axonometry of the designed building

© Atelier Tektura / UM Warszawa

Ultimately, the planned building is to have between seven and twenty-eight stories. The first floor and the second floor are designed to include publicly accessible commercial premises. The entire development will sit on a common four-story underground garage. The massing and its cascading faults allude to the form of the nearby Forest office campus. The preliminary number of apartments has been set at a minimum of 198 and a maximum of 280. The designed building could accommodate 657 people.

Wizualizacja budynku

visualization of the building

© Atelier Tektura / UM Warszawa

The local plan at the site establishes land use for downtown retail and office development. The maximum height of the development has been set at 25 meters, the height of the development on the side of the traffic circle of Zgrupowania AK „Radosław” up to 37 meters, and for the height dominant 125 meters.

Wizualizacja strefy wejściowej

visualization of the entrance zone

© Atelier Tektura / UM Warszawa

The investor assumes the lowering of the development and the realization of a residential function that is incompatible with the MPZP. At the same time, as part of the accompanying investments, the investor's plans include the reconstruction of Młocińska Street (along with the turning of the fire road). There would also be an exit from Burakowska Street and all necessary connections to external networks. The investment would include reconstruction of the water supply and heating networks, as well as an area of landscaped greenery available to the public.

Taras na dachu

roof terrace

© Atelier Tektura / UM Warszawa

Comments on the application under the housing speculative law can be submitted until November 7, 2023. The final decision on this investment will be made by the Warsaw City Council.

Inwestycje w okolicy Ronda Radosława

Investments in the vicinity of Radoslaw Roundabout

© Atelier Tektura / Warsaw City Hall

Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast