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MS windows protected from burglary

19 of November '19

The anti-burglary mechanisms used in windows and doors are not a publicity stunt. They actually protect homeowners from unwanted "guests". Proof can be seen in an incident this fall, when thieves failed to force through MS więcej niż OKNA brand windows equipped with a security package.

An attempted break-in at a ground-floor apartment in the West Pomeranian region took place this fall. In the absence of the owners, the burglars tried to force the windows and balcony doors. Although they severely damaged the profiles and glass, they did not manage to get inside. The security features used in the woodwork withstood the undermining attempts! And this despite the fact that, inferring from the extent of the damage, the thieves spent a lot of time trying to break in.

Importantly, the windows in the Wood Look series were equipped with a security package offered by the MS więcej niż OKNA brand as standard. It includes Multi-Matic hardware from the Austrian company MACO, including three anti-burglary strikers working with movable mushroom bolts, as well as a METZ handle with Secustik mechanism, which prevents the window from being opened from the outside by moving the bolts in the hardware or drilling through the profile. This handle is manufactured exclusively for MS more than OKNA by the German company Hoppe.

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