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Fiber-cement panels. Natural composite material on modern facades

21 of November '20

EQUITONE large-format fiber-cement façade panels

Each EQUITONE slab is unique, representing the raw, unprocessed texture of the fiber-cement material. We create our panels in large formats, working with architects to provide materials with the greatest potential for flexibility and creativity.

Paprocany canoe marina, design: RS+ Robert Skite

© SINIAT sp. z o.o.

All of our materials can be easily identified as part of the same family. We develop them in an inspiring way, never stopping to discover innovative ways to express the fiber-cement material.

Oliwa 505, Gdańsk,
proj.: Wolski Architekci © EQUITONE

Oliwa 505, Gdańsk, proj.: Wolski Architekci

© SINIAT sp. z o.o.

Authenticity and naturalness

Cement, cellulose and minerals, reinforced by a visible matrix. The relatively highest raw material ratio is Portland cement, which plays the role of binding agent. EQUITONE fiber-cement is a natural composite material that meets all construction and design requirements.

Kępa Mieszczańska,
pokryte elewacją włóknocementową EQUITONE © EQUITONE

Kępa Mieszczanska, covered with EQUITONE fiber-cement facade.

© SINIAT sp. z o.o.

Tradition and modernity

We have been manufacturing facade panels and boards since the 1950s. Today, EQUITONE facade materials are produced at state-of-the-art plants in Germany and Belgium. EQUITONE panels are manufactured using the Hatschek method, which makes them a state-of-the-art product created from raw materials that are environmentally friendly.

Muzeum Sztuki
w Hongkonkgu, proj.: Vivian Fung PL: © EQUITONE

Hong Kong Museum of Art, design: Vivian Fung

© SINIAT sp. z o.o.

Form and function

EQUITONE fiber-cement takes the form of thin slabs (up to 3×1.25m) with unparalleled physical properties. EQUITONE fiber-cement is non-flammable (EURO class A2) and has a service life of more than 50 years when exposed to adverse weather conditions.

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