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Works of art in the bathroom - bathtubs from Laufen

26 of February '20

Patrycja Urquiola's unique Sonar Project, offers a new bathtub with decor, creating a unique proposition on the market. Marcel Wander's The New Classic bathtub invites with its unique shape. These and other bathtub proposals by Laufen are a unique proposition for exceptional interiors.


this stunning collection has so far offered deco sinks, and now you can match it with an extremely precisely crafted deco bathtub. This unique structure inspires you to create new arrangements. The bathtub is made of Sentec material, which offers unlimited design possibilities.

The New Classic

collection with a bathtub with subtle lines like the cup of an opening flower. This is a common feature throughout the collection. It can be found in both the washbasins and the toilet bowl and bidet. This makes the interior subtle and romantic. The unique shape was achieved thanks to the malleable Sentec material.


is a harmonious oval bathtub made of Sentec material expands the collection based on geometric models. The purity of form creates a minimalist interior and is another suggestion for unprecedented bathing rooms.

Sentec material

offers unlimited possibilities. It is warm and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the content of mineral particles, the surface of a bathtub made of it is smooth, and a dip in a bathtub made of this material gives the impression of a sea bath. It also has antibacterial properties and a high degree of slip resistance. These practical advantages are perfectly complemented by its plasticity and the possibility of creating perfectly straight and sharp, and on the other hand, but also gentle lines.

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