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DP 180 door with narrow mullion in RC2 burglary class from Yawal

29 of January '21

The safety of residents is a key factor guiding the selection of window and door joinery for homes. This issue can be understood very broadly, as protection against wind, sun and water, but above all as protection against intruders entering the building. As long as it is possible to reconcile these issues with the architectural vision, we achieve full success.

For this reason, Yawal has improved its DP 180 lift-and-slide door system equipped with a narrow mullion, and is the first on the market to offer this solution to its customers in the RC2 burglary protection class.

The narrow mullion of only 47 mm is just one of the many advantages of the DP 180 system, which also include the possibility of constructing all-glass corners and 90o opening corners. The threshold-free design of DP 180 doors eliminates barriers between the interior and exterior. It visually enlarges the space and facilitates movement. Doors based on this system can also be equipped with a linear drainage system.

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