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Little botanist's zone - design concept by Atelier Starzak Strebicki

07 of May '20
Technical data
Name: Reconstruction of the Green Room in Kindergarten No. 112 "Little Naturalists".
Location: , Poznań, 14A Osinowa St.
Project team:

Jola Starzak, Dawid Strębicki, Zuzana Končelová

Usable area: 100 m²
Investor: Poznań City Hall, Office of Project Coordination and City Revitalization
Project year: 2019

Today's educational offerings of kindergartens surprise many adults. Different educational systems have developed new approaches to how children should spend their time in school or kindergarten. The child's development is paramount! In order for new teacher concepts and ideas to come into effect, you need someone to help implement them - this is where an architect comes to the rescue!

Learning among the greenery

{Studio} has created a concept for the reconstruction of the Green Room at Kindergarten No. 112 "Little Naturalists" in Poznan. It assumes not only a thorough renovation, but also a partial change in the organization of the function and division of rooms. For this purpose, the architects created a mezzanine, which makes it easier for small naturalists to inspect the plants from a new perspective. This resulted in enlarging the space of the Green Room and, at the same time, created a place cut off enough to easily serve quieter activities such as reading or... sleeping. On this level, the designers decided to install a new window facing south. It not only illuminates the entire room, but also allows observation of the nursery garden.

However, the architects decided to go a step further and, so to speak, connect the outside with the inside. The Green Room, where children learn about nature and plants, does not have to be an enclosed laboratory. After all, it's all growing and living behind the wall. For this reason, large doors have been designed in the eastern elevation that can be opened on warm days. In this way, the room will become an extension of the nursery garden (or vice versa!). After all, field research is very important for a young student of botany!

Sala przyrodnicza
Atelier Starzak Strebicki - przekrój

A multifunctional structure for putting up plants or hanging them

© Atelier Starzak Strebicki

Functionality in the first place

However, designers from Atelier Starzak Strebicki know that analyzing collected samples is only part of the job. A functional infrastructure is needed to store them properly. That's how the most important and only fixed element of the interior was created - a multifunctional structure used for placing plants or hanging them. It is also here that you can get to the mezzanine, just climb up the stairs located in the structure. Under them was placed a kind of long bench-parapet, under which mobile (thanks to wheels) seats and drawers can be hidden. Thanks to this solution, the space of the hall remains empty, which allows you to use it freely.

An important part of the concept is the entrance area, where there is a mini kitchen - it is here that you can prepare a snack. Next to it you will also find a small checkroom. The project envisages the installation of an additional toilet at the back of the room and a toilet for the disabled, as well as a room with a checkroom by the stairs leading to the kindergarten building.

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