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Sustainability - Swisspacer

13 of December '23

The "Platinum" building in Wiesbaden literally and figuratively shines, thanks to both the pioneering construction standards used and the high transparency of glass from the Saint Gobain Group.

The new Hessen Agentur investment in Wiesbaden was intended to exemplify the implementation of sustainability. All materials used in the construction of the new hybrid building therefore had to meet the highest requirements in this regard. Elements made of Saint-Gobain COOL-LITE SKN 183 solar control glass using SWISSPACER spacers were supplied by CLIMAplusSECURIT network partner Glas Herzog of Waghäusl, an insulating glass manufacturer.

The "Platinum" facility in Wiesbaden is now considered a standardized solution for public buildings in terms of sustainability. A visible sign of this is the platinum certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). This distinction was bestowed because the building is made entirely of natural materials. From the facade to the interiors, it was created based on an energy concept that includes both energy efficiency and renewable energy generation. The building's architecture is an example of hybrid construction, combining wood, which promotes the reduction ofCO2 emissions, with other renewable building materials. The designers went to great lengths to make the offices located inside the building look natural and user-friendly.

A model for public buildings in Hessen

By combining wood with a hybrid method of erecting the load-bearing structure, the architects at Neumann Architekten Frankfurt took full advantage of the advantages of wood, concrete and steel. The wood-concrete floors alone required about 50% less concrete and about 35% less steel than traditional reinforced concrete floors. The low weight of the wood structure made it possible to reduce the dimensions of the floor slab by 25% compared to a typical reinforced concrete structure. With these solutions, the designers reducedCO2 emissions by 1160 tons.

Zrównoważony rozwój od Swisspacer

Sustainability from Swisspacer


First hybrid office building in Wiesbaden

A key consideration in selecting the building materials used was their recyclability. Wood, glass and aluminum are building materials that can be reused in another project or recycled after the building is demolished.

The "Platinum" building also fulfills its function as an example of climate-neutral construction. This neutrality is ensured by a buffer tank for heating and cooling, as well as solar panel modules with a total area of 1,300m2 located on the building's façade and roof. Located on the façade, the innovative photovoltaic installation, despite the bright color of the panels, effectively converts solar energy into electricity, generating about 150 MW of electricity per year, which completely meets the needs of the office building.

Aesthetics and top performance

High demands were also placed on the insulating glazing: users of the six-story office building can enjoy a high level of thermal comfort and at the same time the best access to daylight. Another requirement for the use of triple glazing against sunlight was protection against falling out and sound insulation of the building at 46 and 41 dB, respectively. The reflection of external light could not exceed 14%. With these requirements in mind, CLIMAplusSECURIT partner Glas Herzog z chose a design with COOL-LITE SKN 183 solar control glass. Glass with such high translucency not only lets daylight through most easily, but also offers new additional possibilities for managing the energy supplied to the building. With optimal shading values and a simultaneous high energy transmittance of 36%, the power required to properly cool a building can be reduced to a minimum.

Zrównoważony rozwój od Swisspacer

Sustainability from Swisspacer


COOL-LITE SKN 183 glass is combined with laminated STADIP safety glass to provide protection against falling out. STADIP SILENCE glass also provides sound insulation, while PLANITHERM XN provides efficient thermal insulation. The high-quality Swisspacer Advance spacer guarantees efficient energy efficiency at the edge of the glass, and its excellentCO2 balance demonstrates sustainable window and facade design. The Swiss company Swisspacer is one of the few spacer manufacturers that provides an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its products, regardless of their variant. A total of more than 1,000m2 of insulating glass units were installed in the "Platinum" building.

"We often have orders for large facade glazing, but this is the first time we have used COOL-LITE SKN 183. Best thermal insulation, safety for users and effective sound insulation - this is exactly what we want to promote and sell," says Andreas Herzog, director of Glas Herzog GmbH: "It's a pleasure to be able to use high-quality glass with the best properties, especially in such an ambitious project."

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