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30 years of new Warsaw. What are the capital's residents most satisfied with?

09 of June '20

If it weren't for the epidemic, in late May and early June we would have been participating in numerous events related to the 30th anniversary of Poland's local government reform. This is a good time to take stock. How has the capital changed over the past three decades?

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of local government reform, local editors of Gazeta Wyborcza announced regional editions of the "Supermunicipal" plebiscite[info]. Their goal was to select the investments and events that triggered the greatest changes, that significantly affected the way and quality of life in individual cities, that could finally be considered positive symbols of the three decades of change following the local government reform. Residents had the opportunity to evaluate and comment on major and minor realizations in their cities, to finally choose those that made life easier and more pleasant.

victory of the warsaw subway

In Warsaw, the largest number of voters, nearly thirty percent, said that the most important change of the last three decades was the launch of the subway. It's probably hard to argue with this choice - the underground railroad, although still quite short and covering a small part of the city, has radically improved the quality of public transportation. The safe, fast, frequent subway undoubtedly changed the face of several neighborhoods. It has also contributed to an overall improvement in the quality of public transportation in the capital - this one is now rated highly by the residents who use it, it is also inexpensive compared to other cities, and the developed network of connections facilitates transfers and travel between significantly distant corners of the city (and you can even ride suburban trains within the framework of a city ticket).

Druga linia metra
w Warszawie

Warsaw's second subway line

photo: Anna Cymer

The subway's victory in this poll can be seen as further proof of what real, everyday residents need. Not showy edifices, not forests of skyscrapers, glittering shopping malls or other grand investments beautifully presented in brochures and at real estate fairs. The basis for functioning in the city is such a mundane matter as efficient transportation, allowing for reasonably fast and convenient movement. Let's take another look at the results of the Warsaw edition of the "Supermunicipal" poll. As many as three of the first four places were taken by issues, related to transportation! In addition to the subway, residents also indicated the expansion of bicycle infrastructure and the development of "efficient public transportation" in general . It is worthwhile for local government officials to take these results to heart and realize where the priorities are, in what direction to act to make life in the city easier and more pleasant. What do residents really appreciate and what do they need on a daily basis.

The vote has already been cast