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In February we invite you to Poznan. It has changed a lot recently. Every time I visit this city, the scale of transformation of the urban fabric there and the construction of successive layers of urban identity impress me greatly. The Old Brewery, the Bałtyk office building, the Raczynski Library, the ICHOT Poznań Gate, Pixel, the Aula Nova of the Academy of Music in Poznań, the Za Bramką office building with pregnant lamps, Garbary, Jeżyce, the area around Lake Malta, the increasingly noticeable localism and polycentricity have transformed the capital of Wielkopolska and given it a unique character. At the same time, Poznań also has Wolne Tory, more than 100 hectares in the city center, from which it still does not know how to create a modern model district.

In February's A&B, Mateusz Zmyślony takes a tour of Poznań in his Wielomiasta series, while Kuba Głaz sums up what has succeeded and failed in Poznań recently. We talk to architects and ask them about the city's development. There is still a lot to do, fix and improve, but I am convinced that Poznań is an interesting and liveable city. I like to go back there. I'll be back there at the beginning of February on the occasion of BUDMA trade fair (come to our debate!). I'm sure I'll also find time for a walk and a coffee in my favorite pub in Jeżyce.

We recommend Poznań and encourage you to read more!


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Today, politicians are not helping the economy [14].

Interview with Prof. Stanislaw Mazur
interviewed: Malgorzata TOMCZAK

Gas to the breath! [22]

Interview with Tomasz Fudala
interviewed: Anna WALEWSKA

Painting with an architectural episode [28].

Interview with Lev Stern
interviewed by: Beata STOBIECKA

Photography [34]

Interview with Adam Mazur
interviewed by: Wiktor BOCHENEK

What don't we know about Polish cities? [40]

The report that isn't there

Poznan. Full of culture? [42]

From the series MULTI-CITY

Development House. A day care center for children inspired by Maria Montessori's method [54].

"Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE" competition.

SLAB - adaptation of an industrial hall into a climbing center [56].

Competition "Best Diploma of INTERIOR DESIGN"
Katarzyna EKWIŃSKA

newsboard [58-63]

books, exhibitions, patronages, invitations, company news

  • Rozmowa z prof. Stanisławem Mazurem
  • Rozmowa z Tomaszem Fudalą
  • Rozmowa z Lvem Sternem
  • Rozmowa z Adamem Mazurem
  • Raport, którego nie ma
  • Poznań z cyklu WIELOMIASTA

e-publication supplement

Traditions of Japanese architecture in contemporary construction. Museum of Japanese Art and Culture in Warsaw [e02].

"Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE" competition.

Natural object - recreation center in Warsaw's Mokotow district [e06].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"
Aleksandra WIECŁAW

Contemporary interior of a chocolate pump room inspired by Warsaw tradition [e10].

"Best Interior Design Diploma" Competition

Co-living - common spaces. Adaptation of a fragment of a complex of residential and commercial buildings in Cieszyn [e14].

"Best Diploma of Interior Design" competition.

  • Muzeum Sztuki i Kultury Japońskiej w Warszawie – Julia SZAFRAŃSKA
  • Obiekt naturalny – ośrodek rekreacyjny na warszawskim Mokotowie - Aleksandra WIĘCŁAW
  • Współczesne wnętrze pijalni czekolady zainspirowane tradycją warszawską - Marta DYMEK
  • Adaptacja fragmentu kompleksu budynków mieszkalno-usługowych w Cieszynie - Dorota KALETA

topic of the issue

Repeat of the tip [66]

Jakub GŁAZ

Poznan story [74]

With Marcin Kościuch and Tomasz Osięgłowski (Ultra Architects)
interviewed by Ania DIDUCH

An architect is someone more than a building permit guy [82]

With Karol Fiedor (CDF Architects)
is interviewed by Blazej CIARKOWSKI

Fashions pass and building is too expensive to afford temporariness [90].

With Katarzyna Cynka-Bajon and Bartek Bajon (PL.architekci)
interviewed by Marta KULAWIK

moodboard [104]

#Poznań - A&B asks, architects answer
#development potential of Poznan
#Poznan realized and unrealized

Aliens and how to defend against them [144].


Primus through coercion? [146]

Jakub GŁAZ

  • Powtórka z końcówki
  • Z Marcinem Kościuchem i Tomaszem Osięgłowskim (Ultra Architects) rozmawia Ania DIDUCH
  • Z Karolem Fiedorem (CDF Architekci) rozmawia Błażej CIARKOWSKI
  • Z Katarzyną Cynką-Bajon i Bartkiem Bajonem (PL.architekci)rozmawia Marta KULAWIK
  • Poznań - moodboard
  • Jakub Szczęsny - felieton
  • Jakub Głaz - felieton

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