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Green City

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Malgorzata TOMCZAK

Green city

In an era of climate crisis, it is difficult to overestimate the role of greenery in the city. We need it like oxygen. How to use it most effectively, make it perform ecosystem services, why the fourth nature is so important, how much a tree earns - we discuss all this at great length in this issue. We also ask Carlos Morena, advisor to the Mayor of Paris, about the most effective ways to implement the fifteen-minute city, and Carolyn Steel, an architect recognized by The Ecologist magazine as one of the most important minds of the 21st century, about the importance of sitopia, or the edible city.

We live in an age of knowledge, we have access to the latest research, we know how to organize our cities to improve the quality of life in them, but often the economic and legal systems have not kept up with this knowledge. The world has accelerated, the pace of life is dizzying, changing contexts are overturning old systems, so we need innovative approaches all the more. Are we ready for this yet? Perhaps we are! Carolyn Steel, in an interview with Edyta Skiba, said: "I think that like never before we need an alternative economic system built on socially valued activities, providing space to share time with another person close to us, to be close to nature." With this it is impossible to argue - we need proximity to nature.

And we talk about it in this issue.


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Best Diploma - Architecture [18].

Settlement of the 11th edition of the A&B competition for the best student diploma
elaborated by: Ola KLOC

Re-use: idea, fashion, doctrine? [26]

The debate "Renewal in architecture"

Time is life [30].

Interview with Carolyn Steel
interviewed: Edyta SKIBA

The city in a quarter of an hour [36]

Interview with Carlos Moreno
interviewed by: Dominika DROZDOWSKA

Anthropocene [40]

Interview with Kacper Kępinski and Adrian Krężlik
interviewed by: Anna WALEWSKA

Borders [48]

Blurring the administrative periphery of cities

IBerlin? [52]

From the series MULTI-CITIES
Matthew WASHED

Tujest us! Two worlds [62]

Landscape architect's column

Memory space - memory of space [64]

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"
Tomasz BEKAS

Na Zdrowie - house of therapy for anxiety [66].

"Best Diploma Interior Design" Competition

newsboard [68-71]

books, exhibitions, patronages, invitations, company news

  • Rozstrzygnięcie 11. edycji konkursu A&B na najlepszy dyplom studencki
  • Debata „Odnowa w architekturze”
  • Rozmowa z Carolyn Steel
  • Rozmowa z Carlosem Moreno
  • Rozmowa z Kacprem Kępińskim i Adrianem Krężlikiem
  • Mateusz Zmyślony - Berlin w cyklu WIELOMIASTA

e-publication supplement

Bytom. Modern market in a medieval structure. Development of public space and design of the Municipal Cultural and Service Center [e02].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE".
Aleksandra GAJEWSKA

Design of a kindergarten with solar systems in Józefów [e06].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

Interior of an apartment in a pre-war tenement house [e10].

Competition "Best Diploma in INTERIOR DESIGN".

Medical clinic in Koronowo. Return to its original function [e14].

Competition "Best Diploma of the Interior."
Izabela MEYZEA

  • Bytom. Nowoczesny rynek w Å›redniowiecznej strukturze – Aleksandra GAJEWSKA
  • Projekt przedszkola z zastosowaniem systemów słonecznych w Józefowie - Sylwia MAŁKIEWICZ
  • Wnętrze mieszkania w przedwojennej kamienicy - Aleksandra NIEWCZAS-MAREK
  • Przychodnia lekarska w Koronowie. Powrót do pierwotnej funkcji - Izabela MEYZE

theme of the issue

moodboard [74].

#concrete vs greenery
#is it worth fighting for every tree in the city?
#landscape architecture

Perspectives [106].

With Bogumiła Olkowska
interviewed by Katarzyna MIKULSKA

Scars of urban nature [114]

With Kasper Jakubowski
is interviewed by Edyta SKIBA

It is better to be healthy than sick [...] [122].

With Professor Alexander BÖHM
is interviewed by Marta KULAWIK

Who doesn't play green? [128]

With Jan Mencwel
is interviewed by Ania DIDUCH

Dimensions of landscape architecture [134]


Meanders of the Warta River [140]


A noble collection [146]

Michal HADUCH, Bartosz HADUCH

It's not so bad! [160]


Please touch! [162]

Jakub GŁAZ

  • moodboard
  • Z Bogumiłą Olkowską rozmawia Katarzyna MIKULSKA
  • Z Kasprem Jakubowskim rozmawia Edyta SKIBA
  • Z profesorem Aleksandrem BÖHMEM rozmawia Marta KULAWIK
  • z Janem Mencwelem rozmawia Ania DIDUCH
  • Wymiary architektury krajobrazu - Urszula FORCZEK-BRATANIEC
  • Meandry Warty - Wojciech JANUSZCZYK
  • Szlachetny zbiór - Michał HADUCH, Bartosz HADUCH
  • Jakub Szczęsny - felieton
  • Jakub Głaz - felieton

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