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© eM4 . Pracownia Architektury . Brataniec

Malgorzata TOMCZAK

Edited by: eM4 . Architecture Studio . Brataniec

Before you is another issue edited by a studio. This time it is a Krakow office with many successes to its credit, namely eM4 . Pracownia Architektury . Brataniec. You will get to know their design genetic code contained in the leading idea of the issue, that is, COOPERATION. "You can't leave out other users or different phenomena. It's reaching back to tradition, to the natural past," says Prof. Urszula Forczek-Brataniec. Marcin Brataniec adds, "Coexistence is good to see in the whole continuum [...]. What we are realizing will become some distant place again in a moment, both in space and time. Everything is fluid, everything will turn to stone." This already explains a great deal. Humanistic and multifaceted design resonates strongly in their realizations. The kind for people to feel good in a place.

The contents of the issue, their selection and the cover are by the studio. Thank you!

Table of contents


Reconstruction of Ukraine is already underway [18].

Interview with Petr Vladimirov
interviewed: Kacper KĘPIŃSKI

Young architects for rebuilding Ukraine [22]

Searching for solutions to rebuild the country

Lublin. Fascinating hub of luxury [28]

From the series "Multitowns"

Green (?) Paris [38].

Warming cities in the context of climate change

Functional space, not just "green" [44].

Landscape architect's column

Design guidelines and standards in the era of climate change [46]

A guide for architects and landscape architects

Center for local community activation in Piaseczno [48].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

FOLK concept - granary adaptation project [50].

Competition "Best Diploma of INTERIOR DESIGN".

newsboard [52-63]

books, exhibitions, patronages, invitations, company news

The myth of the white city [52].

Book review of "Promised Gdynia. City, Modernism, Modernization 1920-1939" by Grzegorz Piątek
and "White City, Black City. Architecture and War in Tel Aviv and Jaffa" by Sharon Rotbard

A roof over your head or a hole in the ground? [56]

A review of the book "Holes in the Ground. Pathfinder in Poland" by Lukasz Drozda

  • Odbudowa Ukrainy już trwa. Rozmowa z Petrem Vladimirovem
  • Młodzi architekci dla odbudowy Ukrainy
  • Mateusz Zmyślony - Lublin w cyklu WIELOMIASTA
  • Ocieplanie miast w kontekście zmian klimatycznych
  • Wytyczne i standardy projektowania w dobie zmian klimatu
  • Recenzja książek Grzegorza Piątka i Sharona Rotbarda

e-publication supplement

Royal Norwegian Embassy project [e02].

"Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE" competition
Piotr Jakub BLICHARZ

Return of the sacred. Jewish Cultural Center in Sokolow Malopolski [e06].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

Balance - space for active recreation. Adaptation of a railroad viaduct in Szczecin [e10].

Competition "Best Diploma of INTERIOR".

Dedicated space [e14].

Competition "Best Diploma of Interior Design".

  • Projekt Ambasady Królestwa Norwegii – Piotr Jakub BLICHARZ
  • Powrót sacrum. Centrum Kultury Å»ydowskiej w Sokołowie Małopolskim - Ewa POKRZYWA
  • Balans – przestrzeń aktywnego wypoczynku. Adaptacja wiaduktu kolejowego w Szczecinie - Natalia GRZYWACZ
  • Przestrzeń dedykowana - Natalia PRZYBYSZEWSKA

theme of the issue

moodboard [68].


Kastrup sea bathing [92].

proj.: White Arkitekter

Kastrup Strandpark [100]

proj.: OPLAND

Architectural contribution to the picturesque scenery [104].

Pavlov Archeopark,
proj.: Architektonická kancelář Radko Květ
(Radko Květ, Pavel Pijáček)

Well Because in Sweden. Västra Hamnen district in Malmö [120].


Naturally, that locally [128].

With Gert Wingårdh
interviewed by Ania DIDUCH

Designing for people [138]

With Prof. Urszula Forczek-Brataniec and Macin Brataniec
From the eM4 studio . Architecture Studio . Brataniec
is interviewed by Malgorzata TOMCZAK

  • moodboard
  • Kąpielisko morskie w Kastrup, White Arkitekter
  • Kastrup Strandpark, OPLAND
  • Archeopark Pavlov, Architektonická kancelář Radko Květ
  • Dobrze Bo w Szwecji. Dzielnica Västra Hamnen w Malmö
  • Naturalnie, że lokalnie. Z Gertem WingÃ¥rdhem rozmawia Ania DIDUCH
  • Z prof. Urszulą Forczek-Brataniec i Macinem Bratańcem rozmawia Małgorzata TOMCZAK

Preview of the issue


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