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4Design Days online. Thematic session - apartments

23 of January '21

How have the housing needs of Poles changed? What are they looking for when choosing a property? What do they consider a "must have" and what are they giving up? A series of discussions by architects is already underway this week at the 4DD virtual panel. The session will be hosted by Mirella Firchał-Kępczyńska and Marcin Kępczyński, interior designers, authors of the "Mirella and Marcin" channel and hosts of the "Couple in Renovation" program.

In this year's edition, one of the partners of the 4DD pre-opening is REHAU, which takes into account the new housing needs caused by the pandemic in its design.

As Tomasz Chmielarz, REHAU's design and interiors expert, comments:

This is an important year for our company, we want to establish close cooperation with the architectural industry, to which furniture solutions are dedicated. We are sure that our product portfolio will meet with the appreciation of designers, and therefore we are preparing a series of meetings and events where we will share our knowledge and show extraordinary projects from around the world. The model in which we go to work in the morning and come home in the afternoon is becoming obsolete before our eyes. The apartment is becoming an almost 24/7 space - not only for us, but also for our loved ones.

As Tomasz Chmielarz points out, the key aspect is functionality and designating the space in such a way that everyone can realize themselves in it, from playing, studying, to working and spending leisure time. The design process under the new circumstances can be extended to include the need for the architect to take into account such aspects as arranging a living space with room for remote work for adults and remote learning by younger generations. When choosing an apartment, more and more people are looking for those that have additional outdoor space - a balcony, loggia or terrace. This outdoor part of the property serves an important function in these difficult times.

Another noticeable trend is the search for an alternative solution, which is the purchase of land or ready-made houses in non-urban areas. In the case of land purchase, house construction technologies that allow for the rapid implementation of such an investment are increasingly sought after," adds the REHAU expert.

The event will be held on January 29 this year at 11:30 a.m. To participate, just register on the 4DD website.

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