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Lena Lighting has produced a limited series of lamps for WOŚP. The auction is launched!

24 of January '21

Ten heart-shaped designer UV-C STERILON FLOW lamps from Lena Lighting have just left the production line in Sroda Wielkopolska and have been auctioned off for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

The UV-C STERILON FLOW lamp was designed by Kuba Zarzynski and Przemek Pstrokoński of the HEKATE DESIGN studio and won the Design for Connoisseur 2020 competition in the home technology category.

It is with great joy that we play for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Our entire team is involved. In addition to the classic collection, we wanted to create something special, so we produced a limited collection of STERILON FLOW UV-C lamps with the WOŚP logo. There will be only ten such lamps in the world, so we highly encourage everyone to bid for them," says Marzena Lesinska, board representative of Lena Lighting.

STERILON FLOWdual-purpose UV-Clamps are timely products. Using ultraviolet (UV-C) rays, they eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi from the air and surfaces. As the air passes through the interior of the lamp, it is irradiated and disinfected, and then escapes to the outside. STERILON FLOW UV-C lamps can operate in the presence of people. These products are ideal for all service points, offices and homes. The effectiveness of the lamps has been confirmed by studies.

You can auction the lamp on the GOCC website. You can find more information about the UV-C lamp STERILON FLOW here, and effectiveness studies here.

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