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Answers to 5 questions about large-format panoramic windows in 2020

19 of March '20

Large glazing is one of the most characteristic and... desirable elements of modern construction. Occupying sometimes even an entire wall, windows and doors allow to illuminate the interior, optically enlarge it and open it to the garden. However, their use sometimes raises doubts about functionality and safety. Is it right?

If you dream of large panoramic windows, an unobstructed view of the garden and an unobstructed exit to the terrace - you can choose from at least several joinery options. They differ in the type of hardware used, and thus in the method of opening, as well as in the parameters that determine functionality. First of all, sliding systems are worth considering. These are divided into sliding-tilt and much more comfortable - lift-and-slide. And on the latter - as the most technologically advanced, we will focus below.

Answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions about large-size windows

1 Insulation
- Will they protect against the cold?

Contrary to appearances, large glazing in the house is not at all synonymous with large heat escapes and the need to spend huge amounts on heating. On the contrary. If we use appropriate solutions such as Patio HST in PVC or aluminum version, the woodwork can even have better insulation parameters than... a brick wall... How is this possible?

In large windows, achieving high insulation is not difficult, as the glass is characterized by almost twice the heat transfer coefficient U than the frame material (double-glazed windows, so-called triple-glazed, are characterized by Ug=0.5-0.6 W/m²K). If we add to this - as in the case of Patio HST lift-and-slide doors, a low and warm EcoPass threshold (15mm high) SUPERtermo glass with the warmest MULTITECH interglazing frames, we achieve a heat transfer coefficient of Ud = 0.74 w/m²K," explains Artur Głuszcz, production director of MS więcej niż OKNA.

The issue of insulating power of large glazing looks completely different in summer. High exposure to the sun can mean excessive heating of rooms. Effective protection is provided by external covers - blinds and shutters, which block the flow of rays to the glass and eliminate the problem.

2 Security
- Will they protect against burglary?

Large-size windows and doors are associated by many with a greater risk of burglary. This is because they seem to be easier to force than smaller windows or front doors. But is it really? Not necessarily - if you opt for windows/doors with an anti-burglary package, you can rest easy. Closed, i.e. lowered to the threshold and interlocked HST door sash (also in the micro-vent position), due to its weight and bolt system, is a barrier that is basically insurmountable.

In Patio HST lift-and-slide doors from MS więcej niż OKNA, we use perfect German hardware from SIEGENIA. They are complemented by safety (anti-burglary) glass of P4A class. These packages consist of two 4-millimeter sheets glued together with a special PVB film. These panes, even when broken (which is not easy), are difficult to break due to as many as 4 layers of film, explains Artur Głuszcz.

3 What dimensions come into play?

The size of the door depends primarily on the material from which it will be made. Manufactured from aluminum, Patio HST ExternAL can successfully replace an entire wall and be up to 13 meters wide and 3 meters high. On the other hand, Patio HSTs made of PVC material can be a maximum of 6.5 meters wide and 2.7 meters high. The final dimensions depend on the choice of a specific layout of wings and fixed glazing.

A very interesting solution is corner glazing, which we presented at the recent 4 Design Days fair in Katowice. A corner HS without a fixed mullion in a fashionable industrial gray décor allows you to open the house even more to the terrace or garden and enjoy the space, adds Artur Głuszcz.

4 Are they available in multiple colors?

The second element that affects the size of the woodwork is the color and film pattern you choose. Why? Dark veneers cause profiles to heat up more than those in lighter shades. As a result, their construction must, in addition to operational forces (weight, wind pressure), carry thermal loads.

So specialists recommend that: either choose windows in light colors, or opt only for those films that protect the profile from excessive heating. Such special veneers are also available in dark and very dark colors. A good example of this is Jet Black matt CC+ MS more than OKNA, which is made with Cool Colors PLUS technology. It is characterized by a thicker layer of acrylic - 60 µm and a three-layer structure with an additional white layer on the reverse side, so it offers even better absorption properties and thus protects the profiles from warping.

5. comfort of use
- Will they be comfortable?

Large glazing usually also means really heavy weight. Glazing packages can weigh up to 300 kg. Can we therefore count on: the strength of the hardware, the stability and rigidity of the structure, as well as the comfort of opening and closing? Again, the answer may be yes if we choose the right solution.

The key role here is played by the hardware. They not only hold the sash, but are also responsible for the comfort of its opening and closing. SIEGENIA mechanisms, thanks to support systems, make moving even a very large and heavy HST sash child's play. Especially if we use the optionally available electric movement support systems and remote control (e.g. with a remote control).

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