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Neolith® Gourmet: Pierre Sang

19 of March '20

Food has a special meaning for acclaimed chef Pierre Sang. Born in South Korea, he was adopted by a Parisian family at the age of seven. Cooking played a big role in his integration into French society.

He employs 60 people from 10 different countries, a testament to the fact that social and gastronomic diversity is central to Sang's approach to his work and underscores his open-minded personality. Underlying his approach is his deep sense of community, shared by the teams of his all five restaurants located in Paris' trendy District 11.

Encouraged by the success of his celebrated and flagship restaurant Pierre Sang in Oberkampf, he recently inaugurated Le Loft, an informal venue designed to celebrate private meals and events. The space was designed specifically to feel like home, and the restaurateur wanted to create a warm, cozy and welcoming environment that breathes hospitality.

Sang wanted the decoration of Le Loft to evoke the precision, sophistication and variety of his kitchen. This applied to everything from the walls, floors and ceilings, to the furniture, fixtures and accessories. Everything had to be of the highest possible quality, but at the same time subtle and devoid of pathos.

For this reason, surfaces played a particularly important role here, as they were to dictate the overall restaurant impression evoked by Le Loft and dictate the tone of the other elements of the space.

Sang was not convinced at first by countertops made in the style of Carrara marble, which he considered aesthetically too cold and inappropriate for the requirements of a professional kitchen, but changed his mind when he was introduced to Neolith® and one of its latest designs, Mont Blanc.

Selected for the central kitchen island, countertops and wall panels at Le Loft, the Mont Blanc model pays homage to white quartzite. It features a captivating and neutral palette, combining a creamy white background with subtle use in tones of deep black, rust and ochre. Using a special technique, Neolith® has developed a dimpled carving precisely in the vein areas, providing an unusual, tactile texture.

In addition to their discreet and restrained beauty, the surfaces are incredibly efficient in the professional kitchen. They are hygienic, resistant and easy to clean. Moreover, as a chef, I am a person for whom touch is of utmost importance, and the smoothness of Sintered Stone is palpable and enhanced by the fine Silk finish," commenting on Neolith®, says Sang.

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