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Acoustics in black

13 of February '20

On the wave of popularity of industrial interiors, classic black is coming back into favor. In order not to expose the installations running at the ceiling, they are covered with dark paint. This is often complemented by black suspended ceilings in the form of islands or vertical panels. This is the proverbial bull's eye: the industrial character of the interior is preserved, while acoustics are improved. And black gives a touch of elegance.

Dark interiors are sophisticated, but they do not have to be gloomy at the same time. Designers are increasingly moving such tones from the eye-level zone, over the heads of interior users. Black ceilings help to calm the character of the interior. At the same time, they harmonize with the trend of industrialization, which we see in offices, hotels and boutiques. And subdued lighting helps achieve an intimate effect. Often it is spotlighted, not necessarily placed on the ceiling, but rather in the form of light points and lamps in the surrounding space.

Ceilings also help to bring out the play of light and shadow on the ceiling. Of course, not those classic panels, laid as a smooth surface.

Architects like to choose so-called floating ceilings for such interiors, i.e. island Canopy panels, in various shapes, or vertical Baffles. They surprise with their form, they do not obscure the black ceiling, and the very choice of the color of the acoustic panels allows you to put the right accents in the interior," suggests Anna Baczkowska, architect and technical advisor at Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.

Black is a symbol of class and luxury, which is why it appears in the arrangement of elegant boutiques. But black also promotes tranquility. It's not without reason that cinema and theater halls are basically entirely covered with black trim. Here the most important thing is what is happening on the stage and screen, the colors around must not distract.

Black means practical

Black is perfect for interiors with an industrial character, with a modern or urban style. But this shade is not just about design. Dark elements in interior finishes are characterized by ease of maintenance. They simply do not show dirt or the passage of time.

The color black is bold, but at the same time subtle. Applied in an open office space or within common areas, it will help make these interiors perceived by users as more intimate, cozier.

Acoustic elements in an open space additionally help absorb unwanted sounds and noise, explains Anna Baczkowska.

Hence, they are increasingly appearing not only in offices, but also in cafes and restaurants. The color scheme improves the sense of privacy, and the absorbing properties make guests less tired of the noise and chatter of other people around.

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