Advantage™ E

14 of January '20

Advantage™ E suspended ceiling

It is used wherever easy access for installation and removal is needed. A suspended ceiling that simultaneously meets all key requirements for functionality. Appropriately shaped edges of the panels create a shadow effect that makes the supporting structure partially masked. The visible surface of the panels is lowered in relation to the structure by 7 mm. It is possible to remove individual tiles. The system consists of Ecophon Advantage™ E tiles and Connect™ construction with a total approximate weight of 2.5 kg/m². The core of the board is made of 3rd generation high-density glass wool. The face is covered with glass veil painted by dipping, the back of the board is protected with glass veil. The edges are painted. To get the best end result, we recommend installation on the original Connect™ structure. The structure is made of galvanized steel.

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