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Agata Holdenmajer - "Second-hand space. Revitalization of the old brewery in Legnica".

13 of December '22
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2022
Author: Agata Holdenmajer
Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu

Dr. Michal Ankiersztajn

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE" [A&B 12/2022]

We easily become accustomed to the sight of permanent ruin in the strict urban fabric. Abandoned buildings often serve as a stage set for ongoing urban life, the impossibility of their use gives them the function of a monumental sculpture in the center of the city. With population growth and changes in daily life, we are in constant need of new spaces, but we are not using the ones we already have. Degraded, empty spaces in the urban fabric are becoming a growing problem: they can pose a serious threat to public safety, have a negative impact on neighboring properties and potential investments, and their demolition can threaten the city's cohesion, identity and existing urban structure.

schemat kształtowania bryły

block shaping scheme

© Agata Holdenmajer

Legnica is a city that faces a huge problem of vacancy, and is an example of a shrinking city(shrinking city). Abandoned and neglected buildings not only negatively affect its image, but also feed the spiral of crisis. According to CSO data, Legnica ranks high in terms of crime. Studies show a high correlation between the number of vacant buildings in the city and the intensification of crime in these areas. Poor areas with a high percentage of unemployment, neglected by landlords and the urban community are particularly susceptible.



© Agata Holdenmajer

One such place is the downtown site of the former Legnica Brewery. The building ceased its function in 1995 and has been falling into increasing disrepair ever since. The project aims to indicate and apply a different approach to abandoned buildings in the city than that currently represented by city authorities and property owners. It should be characterized by care towards the elements and objects that already exist on a given plot of land and an effort to reuse them. Such an approach is not only a care for the memory and genius loci of a place, but also a manifestation of concern for the environment and the planet.



© Agata Holdenmajer

The reuse of already existing structures is undoubtedly not only economical, but above all ecological. The greenery in the plaza and on the roof provides biodiversity, which is lacking in the city - we are creating homes not only for people, but also for the rest of the city. The phasing of the development is intended to allow faster implementation of the new function and to facilitate the process for investors. A diverse program and functions on the plot will ensure the 24-hour premise, while the location will ensure the inclusiveness of the space. It is particularly important to pay attention to the elements and values of the site that already exist and define the character of the space after the former brewery.

rzut parteru przekrój A-A

first floor plan and cross-section A-A

© Agata Holdenmajer

This is, of course, one of many solutions that have the potential to exist on the site. The project is intended to show that it is possible to approach degraded spaces excluded from the urban fabric in a different way and to demonstrate the potential of such places.

makieta, widok z lotu ptaka

mockup, bird's eye view

© Agata Holdenmajer


Illustrations: © Author

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