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Another monument will commemorate the Warsaw Uprising. Women heroes

16 of April '21

Women of the Warsaw Uprising will be the subject of another Warsaw monument commemorating the fighting during World War II. The monument is a new project by the Warsaw Uprising Heroes Memorial Foundation.

there is an agreement

Pomnik Powstania

The new monument will be built in close proximity to the existing monument

photo: Wikimedia Commons

The construction of the monument in the place and shape proposed by the Foundation has already been approved. The Warsaw Council , during a session on Thursday, April 15, gave its positive opinion on the plan to build a monument to the Women of the Warsaw Uprising. The sculpture is to be dedicated to women both actively participating in the uprising - nurses, liaison officers, female soldiers, as well as others who endured more than sixty days of gehenna in the fighting city. As Ewa Malinowska-Grupinskaya, chairwoman of the City Council, stressed, almost every fourth soldier was a woman, who made up the majority of Warsaw's population.

Female soldiers, nurses, liaison officers. But also mothers, daughters, sisters, granddaughters. Brave on the battlefield, tragically affected by the nightmare of war. We owe them a memory. That is why I support the construction of a monument to the Women of the Warsaw Uprising. I am glad that the monument also received a positive opinion from the councilors.

Rafal Trzaskowski

construction later this year

Projekt pomnika

photo. Monika Osiecka / Warsaw City Hall

The monument is planned to be unveiled later in 2021. The ceremony is to be combined with the celebration of the 77th Anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. The Warsaw Uprising Heroes Memorial Foundation will carry out the project together with the Warsaw Insurgents Association. The project, made by Monika Osiecka, author of, among others, the sculpture on Kora Jackowska's tombstone, depicts a group of three women of different ages holding hands. The sculpture, with the inscription "To the Women of the Warsaw Uprising," is to be cast in bronze and located on Krasinski Square.

Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast