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Antibacterial parquets - Italian Crystalcare technology already in Poland

01 of April '20

The floor is part of our daily life. It is on it that we take our first steps, play with our pets, walk barefoot or in shoes. That's why it's so important that it's completely safe for human health. Thanks to the groundbreaking Crystalcare technology developed by the Italian brand Listone Giordano, we are so sure. All thanks to an antibacterial formula based on silver ions.

technologia Crystalcare

Used in many ways, depending on our stage of life - on all fours, belly up, barefoot and in shoes - wood flooring is a substitute for the warm and carefree atmosphere so important in every home. This is where the daily life of the household members and their four-legged friends takes place, so the issue of hygiene should be a priority. Especially if we are dealing with a natural product such as wood.

Bacteria are not allowed on the parquet!

Microorganisms living on the floor cannot be seen with the naked eye. Some of them, called pathogens, are harmful to human health, so we should avoid them. Unfortunately, bacteria need the same temperature and humidity conditions as humans to live and reproduce, so they are eager to multiply in our four corners. The use of antibacterial substances in places as sensitive as the interior of the house allows us to get rid of harmful bacteria and create a pleasant and safe living space.

Antibacterial finishing formula!

Listone Giordano is the first wood flooring manufacturer to use the unique performance of Crystalcare technology in its finishes. It's an anti-bacterial formula that was introduced to the market more than 10 years ago and has a highly effective and wide-ranging effect. It self-protects the surface of the parquet against microorganisms and pathogens, and thus protects our health. This is of great importance when choosing parquet floors for interiors inhabited especially by seniors, children or allergy sufferers.

Crystalcare - how does it work!

Crystalcare's active ingredients based on germicidal substances, such as silver ions and biocides that act on ion exchange, show a wide spectrum of antibacterial activity. Upon contact with a protected surface, the bacterial load is reduced by more than 95% in just 24 hours. This was confirmed by certified tests ISO 22196: 2007, which were performed at CATAS Laboratories - Europe's largest testing and research facility for materials and technologies used in the wood and furniture sector. Thanks to the integration of germicidal substances in the structure of the finish itself, they do not wash off during cleaning and maintenance, and their effectiveness does not diminish over time.

Eco-friendly trends are also increasingly evident in the choice of parquet floors. We have been observing the market for several years now, and we have noticed three key aspects that guide our customers. We are talking about ecological production, the absence of chemicals in the composition and health safety," admits Joanna Jezierska of the Forestile showroom.

Feel safe with antibacterial technology

The use of Crystalcare technology is particularly important in public spaces where hygiene plays an extremely important role. These include hospitals, offices, schools, etc., but also in residential spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and children's rooms. Crystalcare technology will help to significantly reduce the risks from the external environment and eliminate the proliferation of bacterial colonies.

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