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Przemo Lukasik on the work of an architect #the architect profession

01 of April '20

The latest April issue of A&B is devoted to the conditions for practicing the architectural profession. On our portal, as part of a new series under the title "Architectural profession" we continue the conversation started on the pages of moodboard - we ask what it means today to be an architect and what are the conditions for practicing this profession, and we illustrate the statements with unrealised office projects. Read what Przemo Łukasik of the medusa group studio thinks on the subject.

Przemo Łukasik

Przemo Łukasik

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1 What does being an architect mean today?

For me, architecture is an intellectual activity carried out for a specific purpose, place and time. An architect is a person who is able to diagnose the problems we face and respond to them skillfully. Prudence is the key word in understanding our profession.

The task of an architect is not to create reality, he should study it and try to understand it. Especially at a time like this, when, the world is desperately trying to face a raging pandemic, and the specter of crisis is staring into our eyes, understanding the essence of the coming changes is crucial for our profession. To be an architect is to understand this definition and be faithful to it.

2 What are the conditions for practicing architecture?

It may sound surprising in the current situation, but the conditions of the architect's work remain the same. It is cooperation with man, nature, the environment.

The context of our work is determined by the client and his financial possibilities. The context is political circumstances or the current economic situation, but also landscape conditions, terrain, sides of the world, etc. The context is changeable, sometimes surprising and unpredictable, but it is an area in which we must be able to find our way.


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