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Marek Kaszyński on the powers of the architectural profession

12 of December '22

In connection with the proposed amendments to the amendment and the petition "Let's Defend Architectural Rights", we ask questions to people connected with architectural institutions.

Marek Kaszynski—president of the Cracow branch of SARP—answers the questions.

1. is the extension of authorizations to civil engineers and graduates of construction technicians a threat to architects?

In terms of rationing access to the profession, probably yes, but in terms of real importance for the built environment, in my opinion, no, because the current procedure for granting authorizations does not translate into an increase in the quality of buildings or spaces.

2 What should be the focus of the discussion on reforming the architectural profession?

The architectural profession depends on the awareness of the viewer/principal/investor. It is necessary to pay as much attention as possible to architectural education both directed to different groups (children, young people, adults, decision-makers, architects), as well as implemented in various forms (exhibitions, lectures, conferences, interdisciplinary workshops). Quality criteria should also be promoted in making architectural choices—for example, through a competition formula.


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