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Smart kitchen? Only with a Flow Comfort filter!

12 of December '22

Modern technologies allow you to live more comfortably, healthier and at the same time more economically. Flow filters fit perfectly into the fashionable concept of the smart home, adapting to your individual needs. Bet on the kitchen of the future today!

The finest method of water filtration

The Flow Comfort flow filter from the Polish brand Dafi is the result of years of work on improving water filtration technology in homes and businesses. The final product offers the possibility to draw clean, tasty water directly from the tap - without waiting and in unlimited quantities.

The flow filter is characterized by its compact size: less than 30 cm in height and 10 cm in diameter. The whole thing is hidden in the cabinet under the sink, saving countertop space and adding minimalist charm to the kitchen. You will carry out independent and easy installation in a short time without much mess or difficulty.

What is the secret of perfect filtration? Hidden under the sink, the cartridge contains three independent layers, each of which improves the qualities of water in a different way.

A carbon block made of coconut husks reduces the unpleasant smell of chlorine and improves the taste of water by filtering out organic impurities. The polyester fiber takes care of the clarity of tap water. Ion exchange resin, meanwhile, reduces salts responsible for the formation of scale in household appliances.

As a result, you get pureH2Owith parameters beneficial to your health.

Filtr przepływowy Flow Comfort

Flow Comfort flow filter

© Dafi

Unique advantages of Flow Comfort technology

Flow filters from various manufacturers on the market can be found several, but the Dafi Flow Comfort system is a guarantee of quality for the right price of a set that suits the wallets of different groups of customers. Compared to foreign competitors, the product is characterized by a more attractive price and effective filtration confirmed by laboratory tests and PZH approvals. Choosing an indigenous product also means you can take advantage of Dafi's technical support.

To meet the different needs of customers, different variants of the flow filtration system configuration have been created. The basic model provides an additional tap, from which only filtered water flows after installation. More demanding users can opt for a filter with a three-way faucet, which separately supplies hot, cold and filtered water. This solution provides maximum comfort for daily use.

If you already have a three-way faucet, but want to take advantage of the benefits of the Flow Comfort filter, you can purchase a starter kit. This attractively priced proposition fits any three-way faucet available on the market.

Customization of Dafi flow filters also applies to the aesthetic aspect. Three-way faucets are offered in a wide range of shapes, styles and shades, including the fashionable brushed gold effect. This is an important part of the designer finish of a modern kitchen!

Filtr przepływowy Flow Comfort

Flow Comfort flow filter

© Dafi

For the responsible consumer

Flow filtration is a solution that realizes the idea of sustainability. By investing in kitchen technology, you eliminate the need to buy bottled water. The result is a significant reduction in the amount of plastic packaging and a savings in the energy required to produce and recycle bottles. A wise decision on your part is a relief to the environment!

Naturally, the main motive for buying a water filter is usually concern for the health and well-being of the household. You have tasty, healthy water at the tap every day, and all you have to do is pour it into a glass. Taking care of the right water balance is the basis for the proper functioning of the entire body!

A responsible consumer today also invests in modern technology to protect himself from galloping inflation and market vagaries. Green energy, heat recuperation and water filtration are ideas for financial stability for years to come. Bottled water prices are constantly rising, while you can drink clean water even year-round with a single cartridge, at no extra cost.

Filtr przepływowy Flow Comfort

Flow Comfort flow filter

© Dafi

Why invest in a smart kitchen?

Imagine a refrigerator that prepares a shopping list by itself and a microwave that is activated by voice. To make optimal use of space, appliances, countertops and drawers fold and unfold as if by magic. Modern surfaces themselves fight germs, and smartphone-controlled lighting adjusts to the needs and mood of the household.

Such a smart kitchen cannot lack a flow filter, which will allow you to prepare drinks and meals more easily and healthily. By reducing water hardness, the Flow Comfort system reduces the risk of limescale formation, which translates into better and more energy-efficient operation of your electric kettle or coffee maker. The problem of cleaning up limescale deposits left on the sink also disappears.

Wondering when to start changing your kitchen for the better? It's best to do it today. Flow filtration tops the first step you can take regardless of your renovation plans. The money you save each month will allow you to implement further innovations more easily and quickly.

For more information, visit the company's Dafi Formaster Group page on the A&B portal.

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