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#YoungPolisharchitects - Bartłomiej Popiela on the profession of architecture.

28 of November '22

The text comes from A&B 7-8/22.

In our #YoungPolishArchitects series, we ask young architects questions about the conditions for practicing the profession and the problems facing architecture graduates right after graduation.

Permits - why are young architects reluctant to obtain them?

That's interesting, I didn't know there was such a tendency. But I can assume that it is due to the complexity of the architectural profession. There could be several reasons. Certainly, it's a matter of gaining enough experience and knowledge to be able to take the exam. The preparation itself can also be labor-intensive. It often requires giving up work for a period of time, that is, giving up a source of funding or taking a vacation. Not taking the exam can be a deliberate abandonment of some assignments and a decision to focus, for example, on interior design, where having the proper credentials is not necessarily necessary. Up to a certain point, of course, because in the design of public buildings the authorizations come in handy. Having a license to design without limitations is, in my opinion, very necessary in order to be able to consciously and responsibly design in accordance with applicable laws and standards, and thus provide a comprehensive and professional architectural service.

Budynek wielorodzinny Słowiańska 23, Warszawa

Multi-family building Słowiańska 23, Warsaw

© POLE Architects

Conditions for practicing the profession for young

The conditions seem appropriate. The large number of investments is conducive to this. As long as there is prosperity in the economy, getting an assignment or a job is relatively easy. The question is whether the assignment is the right one, providing a chance for good income and professional satisfaction. Certainly the question of wages is a challenge. But here a lot depends on our environment to properly price our work and not provide free services. It must be a collective responsibility - the lack of it spoils the market a lot. Especially in the group of young architects. Let's respect our profession and we will be better off in life. Both employers and employees.

Budynek wielorodzinny Słowiańska 23, Warszawa

Słowiańska 23 multi-family building, Warsaw

© POLE Architects

An easier start in the profession, that is?

Of course, you can look for changes everywhere, in the law, the work environment, salaries. But I would start with myself.

It certainly takes a lot of courage, patience, knowledge and perseverance to make an easier start.

Certainly not many people complain about the lack of work, but about the profitability of doing work already plenty. I am aware that love for architecture often overshadows imperfections. Also the financial ones. We know from our experience that such an attitude can quickly turn into frustration. To make it easier to get started, you definitely need to change your attitude and fight, negotiate an answerable salary for your work. In this regard, you need to be courageous. Changes are needed, especially in the mental sphere. If a studio will be more wealthy, employees should also be paid accordingly. Then the pleasure of doing their beloved work will be greater. We believe that this approach will more than pay off. In this regard, you need to be consistent and persistent. But it all starts with gathering the right knowledge. Self-improvement and the desire for continuous development help, this is the basis of everything. Here you need to keep an open mind all the time. The end of studies is just the beginning of the proper architectural school of life.

Budynek wielorodzinny Słowiańska 23, Warszawa

Slavianska 23 multi-family building, Warsaw, Poland.

© POLE Architects

Bartłomiej Popiela


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