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#YoungPolisharchitects - ngo+ pasierbiński

25 of November '22

The text is from A&B 7-8/22.

Entitlements - why are young architects reluctant to obtain them?

Most of my friends from college got their entitlements very quickly, so I can only tell you about my path. I deliberately delayed the process in order to use the time right after graduation to learn creative thinking and conceptual design in foreign firms. I wanted to design naively.

Bosmanat w Porcie Czerniakowskim

The Bosmanat in the Port of Czerniakow.

© ngo+ pasierbiński

Conditions for practicing the profession for the young

The situation for young architects is improving with time, but it is still difficult. Many competitions that could give opportunities to young studios disqualify them due to the scope of requirements and single stage. The reason becomes a lack of budget, which large firms have no problem with. High costs and huge risks greatly limit competition and widen the gap between already established studios and those just starting out.

Bosmanat w Porcie Czerniakowskim

Bosmanat in Port Czerniakowski

© ngo+ pasierbiński

An easier start in the profession, that is?

The higher the level of education of students, the easier the start in the profession. I'm specifically talking about learning to think critically, argue their design decisions and build a theoretical foundation.

Bosmanat w Porcie Czerniakowskim

Bosmanat in the Port of Czerniaków

© ngo+ pasierbiński

Piotr Pasierbiński
ngo + pasierbiński

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