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A show with a gate in the background from the WIŚNIOWSKI brand

25 of November '22

MacroPro 2.0 ELH is a revolution in design thinking. ELH blends into the facade, creating an effect that is perfect in every detail. The leaf of the facade gate can be filled with any facade material. A front covered with tiles, slate or plastic panels? ELH gate allows you to realize the boldest architectural visions. Such a solution is a new opportunity for architects and investors betting on originality.

Personalized design guarantees a unique realization. When the gate is closed, its leaf forms a uniform surface with the facade. It is impossible to notice that a specific size garage door is hidden there. MacroPro 2.0 ELH can be noticed only when you decide to open it. This process is a real spectacle - as if the wall of the building begins to collapse and retract into the interior. This is impressive.

© Wiśniowski

Wide possibilities of personalization - unique design and stable construction

How much can you afford when creating your own facade gate? The gate leaf can reach an area of up to 20 m². The maximum thickness of the infill material is as much as 4 cm. Importantly, the gate can be part of an uninsulated building or with insulation between 70 and 220 mm thick.

Brama MakroPro 2.0 ELH

MakroPro 2.0 ELH door

© Wiśniowski

The facade gate is equipped with a proprietary thermal insulation package. ThermoSet™ is a distinctive sealing system. The package guarantees higher resistance of the gate to weather conditions, protecting the building from heat loss.

The gate for customized infill is successfully used in the property, and its design is based on industrial solutions.

For more information, visit the company's WIŚNIOWSKI page on the A&B portal.

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