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"Nature and culture in design" or Katarzyna Kobierska in the series "10 questions to landscape architects"

25 of November '22

"10 Questions to a Landscape Architect" is a new series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions to...". This time our attention is turned to landscape architects. In today's episode, Katarzyna Kobierska - landscape architect and SAK member - talks about her approach to design.

1 Landscape Architecture is, in one sentence, this.

A field of science and practice combining knowledge from the areas of architecture, urban planning, ecology, engineering, social psychology, design and art, the synergy of which gives the opportunity to design a sustainable and attractive space for nature and culture. Phew... ;)

2 The most underrated aspect of landscape architecture is....

It's the fact that the profession of landscape architecture is multidisciplinary in itself, it requires knowledge from many areas, and because of this, a person with such a background is able to properly direct and effectively manage a group of professionals in the design of public spaces, and this is based on natural ecosystems and on thoughtful composition.

3 The most inspiring space for you is.

A space reclaimed by nature, where you can see its freedom, its power, where you can feel "tiny", that is, for example, abandoned buildings, walls, roofs, greenhouses, cultural creations absorbed by vegetation.

4. the most important book related to landscape architecture....

"The Shape of Green" by Lance Hosey, and for relaxation and excitement I recommend "The Source" by Ayn Rand.

5 Most inspiring figure...

Prof. Alina Drapella-Hermansdorfer, who taught me what landscape architecture is, and that it is design for both nature and culture, man, its full participant. And that the most important thing is harmony with the environment, respect for the existing space, bringing out the spirit of the place.

6 I start the design process with.

Analysis of existing resources, the atmosphere of the place, white paper.

7. favorite moment during the work is....

The moment when you manage to solve a design problem in a creative way.

8. The most important realization in your career is....

The next one... ;)

... and for this moment I think the Port Popowice Connector in Wroclaw, where you managed to introduce "weeds to living rooms", plantings in a naturalistic form with plants considered to be weeds. The project was created in the space between the park and the new housing estate, and a satisfactory and accepted effect was achieved through a thoughtful composition and a combination of the power of nature and culture - ecological engineering and refined architectural detail, small architecture, shades and colors of materials used. The project was created in cooperation with LPS studio.

9 A dream project is...

One that can be implemented for years, testing solutions, learning from mistakes and correcting them.

10. favorite plant is...

The idyllic one, the one from childhood, i.e., fruit trees, verticas, buttercups, dandelions (dandelions), and at work one that has a chance to grow healthy in a given habitat/place.

asked Wiktor Bochenek

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