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Point, space, building. 10 questions for Marcin Tomaszewski of REFORM Architekt.

14 of October '21

"10 Questions to..." is a series of short conversations with architects and female architects, to whom we address the same pool of questions. In today's installment of the mini-interview, Marcin Tomaszewski of REFORM Architekt talks about his favorite book, a unique city and his dream of design collaboration.

Marcin Tomaszewski - a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Lodz, founder of the studio REFORM Architekt, whose visual identity is associated precisely with Lodz. The name of each project that is created in Marcin Tomaszewski's office begins with the abbreviation "RE: ..." which, as the architect explains, means "responding to the needs of clients."

1. architecture in three words...?

a. Point.
b. Space.
c. Building.

2. the three most important buildings for you...?

c. RE: MIRROR HOUSE 1.0/2.0/3.0

3. the most important book about architecture...?

"The Three Little Pigs" by the Brothers Grimm.

4. Most inspiring city and why...?

Rome... and for a long, long time nothing.

5. architect with whom you would like to design something and why...?

Rem Koolhaas for his vision and experimentation.

6. hand drawing or computer drawing?

Drawing always hand-drawn, and computer drawing for design.

7. mockup or 3D model?


8. modernism or postmodernism?

Depends on the day, there are so many variables. I like to be undefined.

9. work after hours or sports?

I won't kid myself - work.

10. architecture or business?

Business without architecture does not exist, architecture without business also... so both.

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