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Krzysztof Herman in the series 10 Questions for Landscape Architects.

24 of March '23

"10 Questions for Landscape Architects" is a series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions for...". This time our attention is turned to landscape architects and architects. In today's episode, landscape architect Krzysztof Herman talks about his approach to design.

1 Landscape Architecture in one sentence is....

... the shaping of the surrounding space, the "human-perceived area," from the one closest to us: the garden, the park, the street, to distant views and natural systems.

2 The most underrated aspect of landscape architecture is...

... landscape design on an urban, regional scale. Landscape urbanism...

3. the most inspiring space for you is?

There are a lot of them. Being in Warsaw, I dreamed of places where in the most beautiful way the ocean meets the steep, green slopes of high mountains (Milford Bay), behind distant, open vistas. Living in New Zealand, I miss European cities. The narrow streets of Barri Gotic, the brick walls of Krakow or Prague.

4. the most important book related to landscape architecture?

"Everyday urbanism" or urbanism of everyday life has changed my perception of the city a lot. I very much appreciate the importance of "Design with Nature" for the development of landscape architecture and "Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime" for its extraordinary view of the garden as an essential place and gardening as a basic human activity.

5 The most inspiring figure is ...

... during his studies undoubtedly Professors Jan Rylke and Jacek Damięcki. During my time at Harvard, Margaret Crawford and Carl Steinitz. I was fascinated by Martha Schwartz's designs and Andi Goldsworthy's ephemeral landscape art.

6 I begin the design process with ....

... conversation. And in the office - tearing out a sheet of tracing paper from an A3 block.

7. favorite moment while working is....

... s sketching and hand-drawing.

8. the most important realization in your career is?

Standard answer, that is: still ahead of me :) Several interesting projects are in the final design stages here in New Zealand. In Poland, I worked mainly in academia and only contributed to various projects. Of the completed/implemented works, the interesting process was the one around the design of the planting sequence on Wawelska Street, the square at Krochmalna Street and the revitalization of Pola Mokotowskie park (Warsaw).

9. dream project is ....

... prototyping, urban experimentation on a large scale, something like the activities around the "super blocks" in Barcelona. Or a huge sculpture, land-art in the style of Kozakiewicz's "Ear of the Earth" :)

10. favorite plant is?

A strawberry, a forget-me-not. I'm also starting to like native New Zealand plants like Horoeka, Mingimingi and Pohutukawa.

asked Wiktor Bochenek

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