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Hubert Wąsek on the powers of the architectural profession

25 of November '22

In connection with the proposed amendments to the amendment and the "Let's Defend Architectural Permissions" petition, we are asking questions to people associated with architectural institutions.

The series has already featured Marek Kaszynski—president of the Cracow SARP. The next parts of the series will feature, among others: Piotr Zbierajewski, Mariusz Ścisło or Piotr Średniawa.

Hubert Wąsek—president of the Częstochowa branch of SARP—answers the questions.

(1) Is the extension of authorizations to civil engineers and construction technician graduates a threat to architects?

Extension of the authority to design to people without proper architectural education is first of all a threat to the space that surrounds us. For that most important "background architecture. For that "meat" to which the authors of the book "Icing and Meat" drew our attention in discussions around architecture in Poland: the reality that is created by the sum of anonymous realizations, and their quality determines the comfort of everyday life.

Already today, the vast majority of what we see around us, i.e. houses and cottages, are designed in a typical way, just like that, from the subway, without thought or care for spatial order and landscape. How dangerous it is to drive through Poland, when you have to close your eyes as you pass through one village and town after another.... Do we really have to lose sight of quality in the rush for the number of square meters waiting to be built? The quality of what later "shapes us" and future generations?

Thank you to those who are active in caring about the quality of space in Poland. Who are able to look wider, see and respect the context. Individually or by devoting their time acting within associations and organizations. They share their knowledge and experience. They are not engineers and technicians.

I support architects in the fight for the quality of space, our Common Good.

2. What should be the focus of the discussion on reforming the architectural profession?

In my humble opinion, the discussion of the architect's profession, as well as the discussion of any other profession, professional activities based on continuous education and attention to the quality of services, should first of all focus on the development of clear standards. What can we expect from an architect? What scope should we get as a minimum? What is included in the scope of the service? And this is closely related to discussions of pricing.


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