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The Weber app will help you choose the best color for your facade!

17 of January '23

Choosing a facade color is an investment for years. To meet the expectations of customers, the Weber brand has developed an application that allows you to quickly, efficiently and easily prepare a visualization of your dream facade. helps investors decide on the final color of the building. The application also allows you to generate a ready-made file with which you can go to the point of sale to purchase the chosen product.

Beautiful and fashionable facade - what should be kept in mind?

The choice of the color of the facade can not be due to chance, as it has a huge impact on the appearance of the building. There are many factors to consider when choosing how to finish it. First of all, it is worth looking at the shape and style of the building - completely different shades will work well for a modern house, and others for a classic one. The color of the facade should also harmonize well with the already existing external elements - the roof, windows, doors and garage door. The issue of how light and the texture of the plaster affect the color should also not be overlooked. Namely, during each time of the day the light scatters differently, its intensity and angle of incidence are also variable, so the location of the building also affects the perception of shades. In addition, the texture of the plaster, especially its roughness, is another factor that affects how we see a given color. This is because the surface in question determines how light will be reflected on the plaster.

Przykład wykorzystania aplikacji

An example of how to use the application

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Subdued colors the biggest trend

For several seasons, neutral colors have invariably been the most popular among those used on facades. According to the BCMM survey, gray in a variety of shades is the most popular choice - almost half of the architects surveyed (49%) decided to use it in the past two years. Just behind it were whites (40%), while in third place were beiges (17%). The vast majority of respondents (79%) used a homogeneous color scheme in their facade designs - 63% chose grays, 46% chose beiges, and 25% chose other shades, mainly whites. Interestingly, as many as 81% of surveyed architects responded that they relied on contrasting color combinations in their projects - mainly white with graphite (71%). The surveyed architects predict that in the next five years the most popular colors for facades will not differ significantly from those currently used - in their opinion, grays (40%) and whites (32%) will be the most popular. Therefore, builders are increasingly opting for neutral colors, as this gives them confidence that their homes will be in line with trends for years to come.

Decorative elements - the crowning glory of a facade

The current trend is to decorate the facade with inserts such as wood or stone. According to a survey conducted by BCMM - Omnibud Architects, conducted in 2021 on a group of 350 architects - the combination of plaster with wood (75% of respondents) and plaster with stone (69%) are the most common decorative solutions used by architects in the last two years. Inserts of clinker bricks (62%) or architectural concrete (59%) were used slightly less frequently.

Przykład wykorzystania aplikacji

Example of application use

© Weber | Saint-Gobain

An app to help you decide

The application prepared by the Weber brand gives you the opportunity to visualize the facade in a variety of shades. Here you can use ready-made designs or upload a photo of your house and see how it looks in different colors. The program offers nearly 400 shades of plaster to choose from in line with current trends, but importantly, you can also create your own color palettes. In addition, the application allows you to select decorative elements for visualization, so you can create an overall vision of your dream home. The application's intuitive interface combined with its speed will allow us to see which solution is best for our facade in no time.

Although it may seem that choosing the right color for your home's facade may cause difficulties, with the support of the application, which can be found at, it is quite the opposite. Creating a visualization and then transferring it to the building can be really enjoyable.

Researchsource: survey by BCMM - marketing research sp.z o.o., BCMM - Omnibud Architects, sample N=350 architects, CATI technique, October 2021.

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