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ARCHIczwartek with the M.O.C. studio. Architects

08 of June '21

Together with the studio M.O.C. Architects, we are pleased to invite you to the next ARCHIczwartek, organized by the Scientific Circle of Architecture Students of Poznan University of Technology, which will be held in the online formula on June 10 this year at 18:00.

ARCHIczwartekare meetings of the best Polish architectural studios with students, graduates and architecture enthusiasts. During the meetings, representatives of the studios talk about their work in the profession, experience and realizations. In the next meeting, students of the Poznan University of Technology will host the Katowice studio M.O.C.. Architects.

The meeting will take place online on June 10 this year at 18:00 on the Facebook profile of the event.

ARCHIczwartek is created with the support of SARP Poznan and Concordia Design.

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