Bjerg Arkitektur

Bjerg Arkitektur is a Danish architecture firm whose mission is to create sustainable architecture.
Founded in 1987 by Keld Bjerg, Bjerg Arkitektur has a wealth of experience, from urban planning to passive houses. Passive houses make efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery, making conventional heating systems unnecessary.

In addition to building sustainable and energy-efficient passive houses, Bjerg specializes in preschool buildings with an emphasis on energy-friendly materials, with space for play, learning and contemplation.
With a focus on sustainability, Bjerg's mission is to provide customers with in-depth advice to make decisions to create the best circumstances for the environment and society today and in the future.

With offices in Hjørring, Copenhagen, Aalborg, Oslo and Warsaw, Bjerg Arkitektur builds passive houses and low-energy buildings for both private and public developers.

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