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Black villa near Warsaw designed by Bjerg Architektur

25 of August '22

A plot of land located in Zolwin near Warsaw provided the inspiration for designing a house that fits the shape of the plot without interfering with the greenery while making use of the space. The project was developed by the Warsaw office of the Bjerg Arkitektur studio.

lump connecting to the ground

Villa in Zolwin is a single-story house with a unique broken shape, adapted to local zoning provisions, as well as investors' requirements. This is the second project of the Warsaw office of the Bjerg Architektur studio, which we show on the pages of the A&B portal. The first was a kindergarten in Podkowa Leśna.

The most prominent, distinguishing element is thecharacteristic breaking of the body in several places, giving it an unusual shape. Turning the ridge of the roof made it possible to obtain slopes descending almost to the ground. The stretched lump with an atypical roof also allows to divide the plot space into a semi-private space - located in front of the house unfenced space separated by the body of the house, and a private part in the form of a garden.

Taras wykonany został z takich samych materiałów co elewacja

The terrace was made of the same materials as the facade

Photo: Adam Marciniak, © Bjerg Arkitektur Polska

modern technology and minimal waste

The technical solutions of the Villa in Zolwin are interesting. The architects decided to build with CLT glulam technology, which allows to accelerate the construction process, while being a flexible and adaptable material regardless of the building's mass and form. The building was optimized in the context of changing heat loss - heating, ventilation and hot water used was provided by a heat pump.

Equally important was the solution of part of the building's facade with boards thermally treated in the Japanese tradition of Shou Sugi Ban tanning. This created a visually interesting effect of black wood, which, when tanned using this method, gains additional preservative properties.

The facade was made of tanned boards and sheet metal

photo by Adam Marciniak, © Bjerg Arkitektur Polska

Interior and gentle entrance to the garden

The investors wanted a delicate connection between the living room and the garden. In the private part, they opted for a wooden terrace that harmonizes in color with the building's facade. The resting space in the garden has the shape of a large triangle. It was important to harmonize this space with the garden with a semi-forest character, where you will find mature deciduous trees. Small coniferous trees were planted next to maples and oaks.

The surroundings of the house have a semi-forest character

Photo: Adam Marciniak, © Bjerg Arkitektur Polska

Some of the interiors were solved in an interesting way. First of all, it was decided to completely expose the ceiling and expose the wooden joints. In this way, the character of the solid directly affects the interior environment. Wood also becomes an additional asset of the interior - in the form of framing or wall fins.

wood is an essential element of the interior

photo by Adam Marciniak, © Bjerg Arkitektur Polska

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